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Pretty Little Liars: "This Is A Dark Ride" Halloween Special Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.13 "This Is A Dark Ride"

I honestly think this is the best episode of Pretty Little Liars this season.

Shit actually went down and it there was progression of the story and the mystery, adding more mystery and yet we're getting somewhat closer to the truth.

I knew that there was going to be a death, but I didn't know who it was going to be and how it was going to happen. Aria getting drugged, kidnapped and waking up bound and gagged locked in a crate with Garrett Reynolds dead beside her was perhaps the best reveal. Never mind that it wasn't just meant as a scare tactic. Someone was actually meaning of pushing that crate off of the moving train. Had Aria not used the screw driver to stab whoever was doing the deed, the others might not have been able to find her in time. And I have to say, after all this time, Aria has gotten herself more personally involved with A's dangerous tormenting as the other girls have had.

Secondly, the flashbacks. More about that night, what Garrett confessed to Spencer about what happened and what he saw. It makes me wonder how much of it was true, since on this show you can't really trust anyone until they have concrete evidence supporting what they say. But, if Garrett was afraid for his life at that point and he needed to say all these things before knowing his time was up, he wouldn't lie, would he? So that really begs the question, if he is telling the truth: what was Aria's father doing with Alison the night she was killed? Perhaps moments before she was killed? What possible motivation could he have contacting her that night, or was it her contacting him? Was it that night when she wanted to test everyone? First with wanting to tell Melissa the truth about Spencer and Ian, and then with contacting Byron about his affair with his student? This is something I can't wait to be unveiled for the second half of the season.

And lastly, we have the reveal of Alison's body bag. Which was hidden at the body of the refreshment case underneath all of that ice.

I also have my guesses on who was behind the scenes of everything:
1.) Mona and Lucas are working together. We hear two people pushing the crate, a male and female voice. We see that the camera Lucas has throughout the episode is by itself, and we know that Mona was on the train. We also know that Mona and Lucas were constantly being tormented by Alison daily, we've seen flashbacks with them together experiencing such bullying. So there's their motives.

2.) Toby, who was mostly there I think just to keep an eye on things. Also providing him with an alibi, he was away from everything that was happening the entire time, so nobody could suspect him, and yet he still managed to pull some strings of the plan (i.e. him fighting with Noel, conveniently pushing him on the refreshment cooler revealing the body bag.)

3.) Alison DiLaurentis. The real Alison, the "A" ringleader from the very beginning, putting everything in motion.

I'm trying to figure out how Jenna and Noel fit into all of this. I know that they're involved somehow, but I'm not quite sure what roles they play, other than being incredibly skeevy and highly suspicious with everything they say and do.

Other things I liked about the episode:

++ The costumes were incredible. Everyone looked amazing, and I loved the massive amount of detail in some of them too.


++ Hanna and Caleb being adorable. ♥

++ I like how almost everyone was a major player in this episode. All of them were involved somehow, and it just combined a lot of intriguing interactions between characters.

++ I'm worried about Jason, though. Two members of the NAT Club are dead. He was a member too, however he wasn't part of that night when his sister was killed. He was passed out drunk/wasted/high/whatever and he doesn't know anything else beyond that, either. It seems that "A" is trying to off whoever was part of that night. Either Jason might be targeted next, or he might be framed because of his association. D:

++ There are two pieces of evidence the girls uncovered: the fake nail and the screwdriver. At least they could figure out the DNA from either one of them.

++ The little girl who could have been a ghost, being Alison a.k.a. Courtney? They seem to be playing into the twin story very well, which makes me happy because I want the show to go into that direction in the next half of the season. It is no coincidence that they did this, along with the very end scene with the freshly dug up dirt in the DiLaurentis yard (which was a flashback, in case anyone wasn't paying attention), without there being a reason of revisiting the story of the two twins stabbing each other and with Halloween being a taboo subject at Radley. So this is really nice foreshadowing, creepy foreshadowing and appropriate for the episode, to what might be revealed later this season.

Overall: This Halloween special was seriously the best. It combined so much that was missing from the first half of the season, which was the suspense of the mystery and the girls being taunted and tormented by who is stalking them. Plus everyone else being involved, Garrett winding up dead, the body bag being found on the train, it really upped the intensity level of what is to come. Also, knowing that when the show returns in January that Mona will be returning to Rosewood High (released for being "recovered" and "better", or so she has convinced the staff) it is going to make things very interesting for the girls. Well done, Show, you did good. Bringing back all the elements of what I love about you. Hope you keep that up for your second half, please.
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