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Revenge: "Intuition" Episode Review

Revenge 2.04 "Intuition"
"When at a crossroads, my father was fond of saying, go with your gut. Intuition, he said, always has our best interests at heart. It is a voice that tells us who is friend and who is foe. Which ones to hold at arms length, and which ones to keep close. But too often we become distracted by fear, doubt, our own stubborn hopes, and refuse to listen."

Wow. This episode really blew me away.

Not only is Emily's mother potentially dangerous, but she actually attempted to kill her own daughter. And it's not just from the mouth of Victoria, but given the memories Emily is gradually remembering give evidence of this very fact that yes, her mother took her away from her father and wanted to kill her, reasons are unknown but it really creates an interesting dynamic of what might happen in the future and what Emily plans on doing about this startling revelation. This also explains why her mother was admitted to a psychiatric facility and why David wanted to divorce her. I feel that this season is going to become more personal with her family ties, now knowing that her mother may as well been involved with the framing and killing of her father. It's not just the Graysons anymore.

But seeing Emily break down in the end upon realizing the truth makes my heart ache. All she ever wanted was to find her mother, and what she got was something more unsettling and upsetting than she could have bargained for.

What's worse is that now Fake Amanda is at the mercy of this woman.

Now, I've been kind of critical of Fake Amanda simply because when she first appeared she was a loose cannon. She seemed to be operating on her own by pretending to be Amanda Clarke and nearly sabotaging everything that Emily had sought out on doing. She is a murderer, a liar, and just someone that shouldn't be trusted with incredibly vital information. But, what it all comes down to is no matter how troubled she is, all she ever wanted was a life of her own and even though pretending to be someone she is not she could start fresh with a new baby, with or without Jack Porter to be involved in her life. And in this episode she proved to still be loyal to Emily by going along with her plans, even though she was reluctant on doing so.

But then the accident happened, she landed herself in a medically-induced coma, had to give an emergency birth, and now, still unconscious, has been visited by Emily's mother who thinks that Fake Amanda is her real daughter.

This is not gonna end well.

I actually thought she was going to get suffocated, because if this woman is really dangerous and had wanted to kill her daughter, this would have been the perfect opportunity to do that without anyone thinking twice about it, considering the nasty accident that landed her in the hospital in the first place.

This has me wondering precisely what her motives are, and what does she plan on doing regarding how things have suddenly shifted for her. Is she plotting something, is she planning on exploiting the Graysons and using Fake Amanda in doing so? What about Emily, how will she be able to handle her mother now that she understands precisely what she is? Will Fake Amanda wake up to remember, or will she not remember anything at all and actually think she's really Amanda Clarke? Thus everything Emily has planned, her ties with her and everything they had talked about being foiled completely? Would this be a blessing or a curse?

So many questions, and tomorrow is when we learn more about what is up.

Oh, and I want to add something more about Nolan and Padma. They are cute, and while people are worried about Padma discovering that David Clarke gave him money to become who he is today, let me remember everyone that David Clarke is publicly known as a terrorist. Unlike Nolan, Emily, a few others and the audience, everyone else believes that he actually is a murdering terrorist. Padma's face falling when reading that plaque is only because she doesn't know the true story like we do. But regardless, I think Nolan will definitely set her straight, at least with David Clarke believing in him when no one else would.

And there you go.

I've been kind of slow on updating with reviews lately because I haven't been feeling up to it in recent days, for personal reasons. Fandom has kind of taken a lot of of me, so while I watch my shows I don't always engage as I used to. But I'll try to be more active when I can.
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