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Nikita: "Innocence" Episode Review

Nikita 3.02 "Innocence

I thought this episode was very sweet and well-done.

I like that both Nikita and Alex knew precisely what Liza was going through and would do anything to make sure that they wouldn't give up on her. Also, the biggest reward is seeing them bond over the fact that Nikita saved Alex, and there's no more tension between them on how all of that went down. The ending was particularly heartwarming because Nikita allowed Alex to personally return Liza back to her family, everything just comes full circle.

The girl who played Liza was very good, and very adorable.

I'm sensing more tension from Ryan and the rest of the group, particularly where Nikita is concerned, which I think is going to be a major challenge this season. Like, I get that for him he has to keep to protocol and his part of the mission of keeping things under wraps, however he has to understand that Nikita's mission is to save other people, to get through to them any possible way that she can even if to other they seem like a lost cause. That is her entire mission statement, and she will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, with or without a new Division under their control.

The little bantering regarding who got informed about Michael and Nikita's engagement was adorable. Poor Birkhoff, lol.

Speaking of which, I do think Nikita would make a wonderful mother, however I also understand her hesitation and reluctance. Leading the life that they do, with the things they encounter every single day, it would be impossible to raise a child without the constant dangers surrounding them. It's not like he and Nikita haven't talked about this, but it seems that everyone assumes that by getting married it means you're ready to have children, which is definitely not the case and it might not be for everyone. So, it's interesting how things surrounding their engagement is going to continue to have these kinds of things brought up. Honeymoon, children, a family all to themselves, etc. They have to be prepared to know what they want down the road, and of course where that road takes them.

"EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" This made me smile. Oh, Doctor Who shoutouts. ♥

So overall, it was such a good episode. Though, with this show has there ever been a bad episode? ;p
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