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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM, Firefly), Potterisms (GOF)

-♠- Can't Stop The Signal: The Signal has released another episode [podcast #10], which includes an audio review for "Bushwhacked" and musical featurettes of the instrumental Ballad of Serenity. Also, in case anyone missed the last episode, The Signal podcast #9 it's still downloadable.

-♠- Shiny, Times Three!: Serenity to become a trilogy? "Sounds good to me!" Joss Whedon retorts to Now Playing magazine. If this possibility turns into a reality for all of us Browncoats out there, this definitely is good news for the growth of the Fireflyverse. Of course, the first film has to do well in theaters before any decisions are made and, considering the amounts of sold-out advanced-screenings since the beginning of the year, there's no competition. So, everyone? Go and see Serenity! See it as many times as possible!

-♠- Everything's Changing Harry...: Veritaserum has posted gazillions of their highest quality screencaptures from the newest GoF trailer. They also have posted high resolution pictures from the USA today images from a couple of days ago: Harry during Priori Incantatem, the Hungarian Horntail chasing Harry, Viktor Krum kissing Hermione's hand, and the Hogwarts adults; all of these images can be seen in the new trailer. Also, another newish image directly from the trailer of Harry and Hermione clinging to each other all adorable like, and inevidently being caught in the act by sneaky Rita Skeeter.
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