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Revenge 2.05 - 2.07 Episode Reviews

This show had tied everything into one neat little bow in these three episodes.

I like that Emily and Fake Amanda have resolved any further tensions between them and reconciled, told each other the truth. This is a turnaround that I never expected, but am very grateful for. Forgiveness, letting certain things go and moving on is what they both needed, and I'm happy that they've both come to a common ground with each other with the craziness that's been happening around them.

In addition to that, Mason Treadwell figuring out the connection between Emily and Fake Amanda, and the entire puzzle of how events happened was impressive. I really liked how all of that went down, specifically once Emily took control of the situation and allowed herself to be known as Amanda Clarke, the girl that he broke his promise to many years ago, leading down this path to vengeance. Furthermore, I particularly enjoyed seeing her present a deal with him after framing him for everything that happened that he never committed as a way for him to atone of his sins and redeem himself by writing the book he once promised to write to exonerate her father. It's certainly poetic justice at its finest, and it's one I want to see happen. Out of all the people Emily had taken down, Mason seemed to be the most remorseful of what he did and the only one that felt the need to expose the Graysons for what they really are because of it.

Kara Clarke may have just been a sick woman after all, not horrible or malicious as originally thought she would have been, but that doesn't mean that we haven't seen the last of her. She's definitely smart and once she gets herself better again she will make her reappearance, if not very soon than sometime later this season.

It was heartbreaking watching the scenes between Emily and her mother, because Kara didn't know that Emily was her real daughter. But in a sense, perhaps it was for the best, because Emily got a chance to see and talk to her mother without having that barrier of confrontation between mother and daughter after everything, including the memories that started coming back to her in fragments. We now understand that Kara Clarke was mentally ill and, based on her confessions to Fake Amanda and her reaction to what happened to David and the truth of White Haired Man, it's probably safe to say that Kara Clarke wasn't part of any larger scheme other than a sick woman who got out and was saved by the man ordered to dispose her. Her relationship with her daughter was one she regretted, because she wanted to be there but couldn't.

I think Emily needed to hear some of that. Even if it wasn't directed to her, it was directed at her. It's probably not enough for closure after everything, but it's a start to at least be assured somewhat that her mother wanted to be a better person for her growing up and wished things worked out better than they did.

It's sad that Nolan is about to lose everything he built up, but he was willing to sacrifice it all for Emily. BECAUSE SHE IS HIS FAMILY AND ALL HE WANTS IS TO PROTECT HER AND. ♥

Also, Emily/Aiden. ♥ ♥ ♥

I don't really care about the Stowaway storyline, tbh. I can already predict how the whole ordeal will go down.

All I know is that MICHAEL TRUCCO is playing the brother to that one dude trying to take over the bar. I nearly squealed in delight once I recognized it was him. :D /foreverfangirl

But other that that, there's even more intrigue going on with the Initiative and what they're planning on doing, since Conrad decided to agree to a particular deal that got him released from jail. Apparently, they are the scary Big Bad controlling everything and using people, like Conrad and Victoria, as their little pawns in their schemes in order to protect their secrets. Plus, what Daniel is planning by knocking his father off his throne and take over at Grayson Global, and it's something that will either be played up for the good or the bad, depending on how it all turns out.
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