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Nothin' but the rain.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome has officially come out online as a webseries, which later will be airing on Syfy and then released on DVD. But somehow I find myself feeling kind of indifferent to it at the moment.

I'll admit that this is mostly due to my still bitter feelings about Caprica being canceled (whyyyyy?? ;__;), and the network in general being incredibly flaky with their decisions about anything involving this universe ever since the series ended. But I will be buying the DVDs once they are available. I mean, it's BSG related, how can I not? Maybe once having it physically in my hands will spark interest and I will watch it and love it and want more, since I do love this universe and having anything extending it makes me happy. It just seems like the network doesn't have much interest with BSG anymore like it used to, which is rather disappointing.
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