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Since it's been seven episodes now, I figured it's time to weigh in my thoughts on the show so far.

I am absolutely in love with this show.

Not so much for the procedural aspect mind you, but more for the characters, which I think is strictly intentional. The forefront and purpose of the show is the rich interaction and development of these two characters and how they learn and grow from each other, often times in fun and entertaining ways that allow us, the audience, see how they build their bond and trust from the very first day. The cases are secondary, but it also helps build such a companionship by seeing both Sherlock and Joan solve these cases and work as a team. Already seven episodes into the show and there's been a lot of development to how they are with each other. It's a gradual, but steady and wonderful progression of how their friendship is being built, and it's beautiful to watch it all unfold before our very eyes.

I love Jonny Lee Miller's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, he's simply adorable.

I also love the direction the show chose in presenting his character through the writing. Like, the sensitive handling of his drug addiction recovery, where it could have easily been mishandled in a dismissive or glorifying manner. The way that his behavior gets called out on and that he actually apologizes for it, and even tries to make up for it in his own way. I also love that he compliments Joan, and not sarcastically but in a genuine way. He values her intelligence and her kindness and her skills and ability to do her job, and even though they are still trying to find that rhythm of their building friendship he already respects her. For him, Joan isn't secondary buy part of his life and someone he is on equal grounds with. I like that, and I like that despite his tendency to be slightly distant and hide himself from others, he is willing to let someone like Joan in and understand him.

Also, there's that level of empathy. He cares about the people he is helping and he cares about those around him. He may be socially inappropriate and invasive and doesn't always communicate properly, but dammit he actually cares. He connects, empathizes, and even identifies with some of the victims on cases. I really, really like that.

Sherlock is just this really inappropriately invasive hyperactive puppy who, despite his behavior, which is immediately pointed out and corrected (particularly by Joan), just wants to solve the puzzle in order to help people.

Just, ugh, so much love. ♥ ♥ ♥

And Joan, my precious Joanie Watson. She is everything I ever wanted her character to be, and then some.

All my worries about what they were going to do to her character were immediately thrown out the window the moment I watched the pilot. People who automatically criticize Joan for being a sober companion really don't understand what the job requires, and of course why she choose such a job. Sherlock isn't her first client, just her most recent one. Which I'm sure that after her scheduled time with him is up she will find a way of staying with him, which may mean switching her priorities in terms of her work, but we'll get there when the times arrives.

Anyway, I know many were voicing disapproval of Joan being a "disgraced surgeon" instead of a military doctor, I was kind of disappointed myself when it was first announced. But somehow, in context of the show, it doesn't really matter because Joan Watson is competent at her work, she is intelligent, highly skilled and learns fast. There really is no difference whether she would have been a military doctor or being a hospital surgeon, to be honest. Plus, her leaving the hospital was her decision, not the hospitals. She chose to become a sober companion. She wasn't assigned that as a punishment or anything, she just personally didn't feel comfortable being a surgeon anymore because of the unfortunate incident that occurred during her operation and felt that she needed something less stressful and possibly triggering for her to deal with. Which is perfectly understandable. It's also not a decision one takes lightly, as mentioned on the show. It takes years of training to be where Joan was in the hospital, and to make the decision of leaving entirely isn't an easy one. She clearly thought a lot about it, and made her final decision.

There's a lot of parallels between Joan and Sherlock, as both of them chose work that would allow them to help others as a way of penance.

I like that Joan doesn't take Sherlock's shit, and will call him out when he crosses the line. I like that Sherlock apologizes to her in a genuine manner, because again he does value her companionship and her assistance. I also like that in their gradual growing friendship that Joan has begun adapting to Sherlock's deductive skills, and that he compliments her when she does either that or something else with her own skills. They may clash when it comes to personal things, but when it comes to cases they are equal partners and the greatest dynamic duo. Seeing them interact is such a lovely thing, because it's so fun and entertaining. Like the last episode, it literally was a sense of "who will outsass who", and it's simply great seeing the way they are together.

As I mentioned that Sherlock is like a hyperactive puppy, Joan is that cool, sassy feline cat that tries to calm that ADHD puppy down, and strangely enough, through their entertaining interactions and sass-offs, they are the greatest partners and it makes me anticipate what comes next for them.

I started rambling a little there, but the sentiment remains. I absolutely adore Elementary, it's perhaps one of the best new shows out this year, and one that I continue to be impressed by with every episode. I urge everyone to start watching it if you haven't already.

Also, it appears that Elementary is doing incredibly well because not only do critics love it, but the show gets a special episode slot post-coverage of the Super Bowl next year, and it also has gotten two additional episodes, extending its first season to 24-four episodes. This is incredibly huge because most freshmen series are at least 22 eps, 13 if they didn't get the ordered back 9. This makes me so happy and proud that it's getting all this praise and recognition, which kind of drowns out the naysayers with their hate and negativity.

But whatever, Lucy Liu will shade haters with her flawlessness, and JLM with is adorableness. ;)
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