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Pretty Little Liars: S3B Spoilers

This interview was conducted immediately after the Halloween episode, giving us answers to some of the fans questions about what happened and how all of this is going to play out once the show returns from hiatus. The executive producer gives interesting and intriguing clues as to what we're to be expecting, some which make me wonder how on earth they're gonna pull this off, leading me to have tons of speculations and theories.

WHAT IS BRYON’S CONNECTION TO ALISON? | “You’re going to like the season opener — and by no means is this a red herring. We are definitely going down this path. I’m sorry to tell you, but even the adults in Rosewood have been doing some lying — and they’ve got some real stuff to hide! You’re going to find out a lot more about his relationship to Alison in the first couple episodes… A parent may have killed one of his daughter’s friends. This is a huge secret that’s been swept beneath the rug. What does it do to any family in this town if, in fact, one of those parents goes to jail?”
Now this is something I'm intrigued by, because the adults haven't really been a huge part of this entire secretive circle. Of course we know everyone has secrets, even the adults, and we learned that some of the videos that the N.A.T. Club had included things that the adults might be ashamed of (evidenced by Hanna's mother destroying the flashdrive after reviewing it, seeing that there was something of herself on there, leading us to believe that there might be more on there that may be damaging and even incriminating towards the parents of the town.) It's also not implausible that an adult may have had a grudge against Alison, considering the games she always played, and Byron may have been caught in a tangle with Alison, especially if there was a confrontation about the affair and she was blackmailing him.

ANY PLANS TO EXPLORE ALI’S TWIN ON THE SHOW? | “We haven’t committed to that, but we’ll continue to pay tribute to the books.”
This is the thing I'm mostly concerned with, because this is what I've been wanting them to reveal, though it puzzles me that they're saying that they haven't committed to anything.

There's been tons of clues given throughout the show, mostly from the second and the third season so far, and that can't just be "playing tribute" to the books. They haven't been too subtle with the possibility of there being a twin involved, considering the clues left in Alison's bedroom, the girls having realistic dreams and hallucinations of Alison, Radley Sanitarium, and especially the biggest ones being Alison pretending to be other people and the Halloween story about the twin sisters and one killing the other. They even brought that back in the recent Halloween episode. Granted they can't just automatically say that they will be going along with it, since that would ruin the surprise if it is revealed, but it makes it appear that they haven't gotten a clear idea of how they are to reveal the whole "A" situation and how Alison died, etc. Because all of this is connected to the twin reveal. Now I know the show isn't like the books, but they've been pretty apparent with these particular clues that to not have the twin thing now would be kind of, well, stupid in my opinion. But that's mostly because I am biased, since I really, really like the twin reveal and I really want to see the girls' reactions to it. It would be such a sucker punch for them to realize that their friend wasn't who she claimed to be at all, and for all the truth to come oozing out of the entire mystery.

IS TOBY AS EVIL AS HE NOW SEEMS? | “Yes. Yes. You’re going to see things in 3b and understand where he’s coming from. You’re going to realize that Toby’s axe to grind is not a small hatchet — it might actually be quite large. You know why he hated Alison, but he may have a reason to dislike her entire posse.”
Honestly, I'm excited for this because, even though it's still unbelievably heartbreaking to learn the truth about Toby, it really allows us to see beyond what the girls know and get a glimpse at the background on why they chose this particular route for him. I am interested in his motives and intrigued on his feelings regarding the girls, and his part of everything. Everyone has motives and reasons, and nearly everyone that we've seen (from Toby to Mona to Jenna and Lucas) were all victims of Alison's taunting and ruthless games, along with the girls by proxy. Just as Spencer points out in the behind the scenes preview, they have to stop blaming everything on "A" and start taking responsibility for their actions. We know that they've all done things they weren't proud of during their friendship with Alison, which means they may have incidentally done something to cause harm to someone else even if they never meant to. Toby may have been further victim of the girls than just that night, and they just don't remember.

This fascinating turn of seeing things through other character's perspectives is what is making me intrigued by this shift, because this is the first time we know something the girls aren't aware of, and possibly learn more about aside from them guessing who could be part of "A". All of this is what I'm looking forward to when the show comes back. I think this is going to be more intense-filled than the first half of the season, which thank goodness for that.

You know, it's kind of interesting how invested I am with this show. Some will see it as just another teen series, but to me there's more to it than that. It's about the mystery and suspense, it's about the strong friendship between the four main girls, it's about the whodunit aspect which keeps the audience guessing even if you already know what happens in the books. It's a combination of these things that makes this show so addictive that you just can't help but get invested, even if you're just a casual fan.

Pretty Little Liars returns January 8th, 2013 on ABC Family.
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