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Elementary 1.08 - 1.09

Sherlock doesn't want Joan to leave!

This is my favorite part about their continued exchange about the fact that Joan is a sober companion, someone who has limited amount of time with clients. It has been stated repeatedly since the show started that she only has several weeks with Sherlock before she moves onto her next client, and at first Sherlock was reluctant to even have a sober companion, we've seen their dynamic and their partnership grow. His reactions to whenever she brings up the topic of her leaving is something I really like. Not just because he looks like a wounded puppy, but also because he really is going to miss her, yet he doesn't want to show that he's gonna miss her. He wants her to believe that he's self-sufficient and doesn't need anyone and that he doesn't get attached to things. But, of course, she sees right through him. And he knows this, and she knows that he knows this.

They both know that this inevitably has to happen, and just seeing him avoid any kind of talk or planning ahead of that date is kind of....adorable? Like, he's basically being a stubborn child who is procrastinating and stalling because he is dreading the moment when everything changes.

Regardless, I do like Alfredo a whole lot, and I'm hoping to see more of him as a recurring character.

I'm actually hoping that the show will be able to manage both Joan and Alfredo to help Sherlock, since he can benefit from them both in different ways. That would be fascinating to see, and it would demonstrate that he can move forward and get himself better without losing anyone.

The ending to last night's episode though, that little exchange between them, the fact that Sherlock came to be beside Joan as she waited for her ex to show up at the clinic. That was such a touching and sweet moment. He was there for her, not for himself, but to be there for her. I find this to be another touchstone of their growing friendship. I also took it as him showing his appreciation of her company and that instead of just doing his own thing as she tags along, he would be there for her when she needed it. I just, ajs;jdflasfd;laskdf ♥__♥

Their dynamic is seriously the best of the show, hands down. Though I am loving the extension of the other characters, too.

I do love this show so, so much. ♥

Thankfully it being winter hiatus, I'm now able to catch up on some of my fandoms that I've fallen behind on. But of course, as always, I'm tempted at other shows I've heard about but haven't had a chance to check out. I've recently been intrigued by Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23. I've seen gifsets of it and it looks pretty hilarious. I also really want to see Luther since everyone has recommended it to me. It's just the matter of finding where to find these shows to watch.
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