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Revenge: "Revelations" Episode Review

Revenge 1.09 "Revelations"
"Revelations can help us accept the things we need most, expose the secrets we so desperately try to hide, and eliminate all the dangers around us. But more than anything, revelations are the windows to our true selves. Of the good and evil. And those wavering somewhere in between...with the ultimate power to destroy everything we cherish most."

Everyone is playing dirty this season. And I am loving it.

Emily and Aiden making sure that Daniel wins the vote and becomes the new CEO of Grayson Global by constructing events to expose certain things that would allow Daniel to issue certain levels of blackmail in order to win, is quite genius. You know that Emily was just waiting for the right opportunity to use the video of Ashley and Conrad, and that moment became this one to ensure Daniel's win. Never mind that Daniel is becoming more and more like his father with every moment. It's kind of frightening, especially from the previous flashback episode where we see a more mellow version of himself, wanting nothing to do with his father's company or following in his footsteps, hell even last season he was trying his hardest to resist falling in line with his parents and their corruption. And yet here we are, to which Emily is taking full advantage of this every step of the way.

It's kind of interesting, actually, since despite everything we know that Daniel still is hung up on Emily and still pines for the days that seemed simpler when they were together, planning on getting away from everything associated with his family. But, he made his choice.

Regardless, I am loving the dynamic between Emily and Aiden. They are my revenge spy OTP. ♥

I think it's good for Emily to have someone that understands her, that is of the same mindset and pathway as her. She could never truly be happy with someone who she couldn't be open and honest with. It's funny, I didn't really care about shipping Emily with anyone before. It was mostly just Emily/Revenge. But after seeing her scenes with Aiden, and understanding how they initially met, I really like them together very much. She can be herself around him. She can drop her guard and just be herself. Not Emily Thorne, but Amanda Clarke. The ending of this episode is bittersweet because she is happy with Aiden, but because of who they are, they can never properly achieve the happiness of normal lives like regular people. But they can salvage what they can, and that's all that is needed.

I'm quite fascinated about the Initiative, what they want with Daniel, and how on earth are Victoria and Conrad going to do to prevent their son from getting in the middle of everything.

Poor Nolan. He just can't seem to catch a break, can he? :(

I'm constantly on edge whenever shit is being stirred regarding his company. He, of course, would sacrifice it all if it were to protect Emily. But that doesn't mean he won't give up easily without a good fight if there is a chance of salvaging something. Though bringing in his ex and former CFO into the mix is asking for a whole lot of trouble, because this guy definitely has an axe to grind and there's nothing more dangerous than a disgruntled ex who has vital information that could destroy everything, not to mention destroy other people in the process. Shit may end up getting nasty, and just watching it all unfold makes me anxious. :O

I'm still not that interested with what's happening with the Stowaway. *shrugs*

I'm not that surprised that Ashley got caught sleeping her way to the top, though I still think it's kind of sad. It seems like she had honest intentions when we first met her, she just wanted to make something of herself, but unfortunately she got caught up in the same kind of habit when Emily first met her. She needed money and was going to do whatever it took to get it. The world of the rich and privileged isn't exactly forgiving when stuff like this ends up getting revealed, and they will use it to their advantage. Of course, her relationship with Daniel was kind of fake because there really wasn't anything there to begin with. It was just Ashley wanting to one-up the Graysons without thinking of the consequences that would follow. Wonder what will happen to her now, if anything at all.

I like that, despite their animosity towards each other, Victoria and Conrad have ceased their regular hate fests so they can collaborate together in order to save their son. Also, that Victoria seems to want to involve Emily into the equation somehow.

Things are about to get very interesting....
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