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12 December 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Such a date won't happen again, at least for another century.

It appears that Tumblr is down, which may actually be a good thing for the time being because there has been a certain amount of drama and stupidity circulating about and it's hard to really escape it. So this kind of allows me to make an actual update.

++ I've seen to have gotten myself sick. It's nothing really bad, but still. :(

++ Lost Girl season 3 teaser promo. Short, but it's a great little bit to show the kind of direction the third season is going to head into, especially after that finale with Bo unleashing that part of her succubus nature.

++ Apparently, Syfy had their anniversary special the other night. I didn't watch though, which was kind of a good thing because, based on what they had, it wasn't that worthwhile. They just had some actors from randomly chosen shows that aired on the channel to talk about how ~great Syfy was to them, even though some of those shows got mishandled and were canceled prematurely for no good reason. Not that I would have expected there to be acknowledgement of that anywhere, of course. But you'd think an anniversary special would have more content other than that, you know? I think my bitter feelings towards this channel is still flaring, especially after learning that they are adding three more paranormal reality programs into their scheduling. Aside from Warehouse 13, Haven, Alphas, their new show Defiance along with "imported" shows Lost Girl and Continuum, there really isn't much real programming anymore. It's all been given up for the sake of reality programs, wrestling, and really bad original movies. :/

++ There's been rumors about another Harry Potter film secretly being made, though it appears to be more or less just something for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. There's very little else released about it. Though I'll admit, I kind of wanted it to be something Malfoy-related. Someday, I will get that miniseries or short story surrounding that family. Still crossing my fingers.
Current Mood: blahblah
what doesn't kill me better runcarlyinrome on December 13th, 2012 02:00 am (UTC)

Oh, I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon!

Renée: Blair Waldorf.rogueslayer452 on December 13th, 2012 02:34 am (UTC)
Thank you. It's typical cold symptoms, which I'm sure will pass, but it doesn't make the experience any less miserable. :(
icecoldrain: Harry Potter - Gryffindoricecoldrain on December 13th, 2012 03:55 am (UTC)
I hope you feel better soon!

More reality shows?! XD Hopefully reality shows will slowly fade out one day.
Renée: Daenerys Targaryen.rogueslayer452 on December 13th, 2012 12:36 pm (UTC)
The day reality shows cease to exist is the day I will rejoice loudly with glee.

I find it interesting how contradictory people are regarding reality TV, though. Many proclaim their hatred for it and how bad and horrible it is, and yet, like a trainwreck, people can't stop watching them. This is why I figure Syfy is getting on board with plaguing their scheduling with so much of it, because despite all the outcry of taking away their regular programming there does seem to be an audience for it and by changing things about their network they are becoming more accessible for that particular audience that will bring in ratings.
icecoldrain: Stock - Cupcakesicecoldrain on December 13th, 2012 11:22 pm (UTC)
I don't hate it, but I hate that it's slowly taking over where scripted shows should be. I could see if it was playing on channels during the scripted television breaks(even though many "reality" shows are scripted lol), but sometimes it seems like there's nothing on but reality shows.

I love watching Along for the Bride, Say Yes to the Dress, some other "reality" shows that follow weddings, a few shows like Moving Up and that sort of stuff. I can see how people tune in for an episode and end up being totally into it even though there's a good chance that majority of it is fake lol.

Have you heard that there's going to be a reality show based off of the Hunger Games? They're totally missing the point of the books with that one btw.
Renée: The Hunger Games.rogueslayer452 on December 14th, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)
I hate that too because, if you're going by statistics, reality shows seem to attract more viewers thus gain more ratings, so if a scripted fictional show doesn't do well, regardless if it has amazing quality in acting and storytelling, the network will pull it and add more shows similar to the reality types. Since at the end of the day it is about quantity, not quality, unfortunately. It sucks and it's unfair. :/

Have you heard that there's going to be a reality show based off of the Hunger Games? They're totally missing the point of the books with that one btw.

lol, oh the irony. I'm not surprised by that though, they will do anything to attract viewers by hopping onto the newest big thing and taking their spin on it. Even if it misses the entire mark of the message behind the story. *shakes head*
Wendy: chasegwendy1 on December 15th, 2012 07:40 am (UTC)
1. Get plenty of water, vitamins, and rest. And don't worry; my icon is a doctor. ;D Hope you're feeling better! ♥

2. All I know is my sister is a fan, ships Dyson/Kenzi (Hope I spelled that right.), and is worried about a new girl. I'm going to end up watching this show at some point, aren't I?

3. I'm still upset they changed their name to "SyFy." What's up with that? The self-explanatory SciFi wasn't good enough? It's ridiculous. The Science Channel, on the other hand, has taken to airing Firefly marathons. :) Though, I can't be too hard on the bad original movies. Stonehenge Apocalypse, after all. XD And others that star some awesome actors.

4. "Something Malfoy-related." *grabby hands* Want.
Renée: Lost Girl. Bo. Succubus.rogueslayer452 on December 15th, 2012 10:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)

When you get the chance you should definitely check out Lost Girl, it's pretty damn awesome. I'm being totally biased here, but love it, I really do. And I'm pretty excited for the third season.

I still don't understand why they changed their name, either. To appear more hip and cool in order to appeal to a different kind of audience? Idk. But I think most will agree that changing "SciFi" to "Syfy" (or Siffy, as it has been referred to) was a horrible idea and that it has signaled the end of an era to the channel.

lol, oh Stonehenge Apocalypse.

It seems though that they've become more aware of how horribly bad and ridiculous their original movies are, that they've begun to churn out more and more of them in some sort of parody of themselves, in a sense. I just keep thinking, couldn't they put that much effort in keeping the few science fiction shows they have left on their channel?

(on a sidenote though, I do love their original series events; Alice was fantastic, same with Tin Man.)

Edited at 2012-12-15 10:40 pm (UTC)