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Elementary: "The Leviathan" Episode Review

Elementary 1.10 "The Leviathan"

This show continues to give me warm fuzzies.

First, with meeting Joan's family and seeing the way she interacted with her mother, particularly in the last scene. I really enjoyed that her mother wasn't disapproving because of the profession itself, but rather she disapproved of her daughter being a sober companion because she knew it really didn't make Joan happy. We know that Joan is inside her own prison of penance, much like Sherlock, so in a sense she isn't happy the way she used to be when she was working at the hospital. Not that she doesn't appreciate working with her clients and being able to help them, but like her mother said, there wasn't that something, that spark, inside of her. Which is what she feels when she is working with Sherlock and being able to help on cases, the excitement of being on the job. When Sherlock gave insight to her family when she does for a living, to how much she has helped not just him but others as well, it helped her mother not only hear the kinds of things she does, but she got to see that spark from the way Sherlock talked about her.

Of course Sherlock denied the things he said afterwards, but we all know better. He meant every word of it. He doesn't even want Joan to leave in the short amount of time they have left, and I think that with this method of his, he has inadvertently caused a chain of events that will have Joan contemplate her future. Should she stay or go onto her next client? Which path better suits her? Which one will make her happy?

We know that she chooses the path with Sherlock, but it's a matter of seeing how this decision is made. Plus, I can't wait to see Sherlock's expression when that moment happens.

Other than that, I absolutely adored everything else that happened. Just the wacky antics of Sherlock. Of him breaking the vault, breaking the glass of the painting, freaking Joan out a bit. Also that bit in the beginning with the twins, she looked so confused, and honestly didn't want to know. And when he continued to explain she's like "OMG STOP TMI! TMI!" And that ending with him showing the news broadcast, like he was showing off to Joan that he did something good by returning the painting, and that little look she gave him. Just, ugh, these two. ♥ ♥ ♥

If you aren't watching this flawfree show, you're seriously missing out.
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