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Doctor Who: "The Snowmen" Christmas Special Review

Doctor Who: The Snowmen Christmas Special

I've come to the conclusion that Clara Oswin Oswald is, in fact, a Cylon.

I also will continue to call her Oswin because I just really adore that name. ♥

This Christmas special was rather different than the previous ones. It had some similarity to the A Christmas Carol episode, but in this one the Doctor was more cold and Grinch-like with wanting to remain distant. It really makes me wonder how much time had passed since the departure of the Ponds, and the whereabouts of River Song. Because, like I mentioned before, Amy's final wish was for the Doctor to not be alone and if nothing else I would think he would've liked to honor this. He brooding about, stopping his work on helping people and saving worlds and the universe just seems rather, well, drastic. I know he mourns and feels the loss of those he losses, especially those who have traveled with him for a long time and who he considers family, and he has every right to. But I think it was a bit overkill to make him into someone cold and distant only to have Oswin be the one to put him back on track and make him become the Doctor we once knew again.

I'm also rather apprehensive with the possibility of there being a romance building between the Doctor and Oswin. Their interaction in this episode was cute, the on-screen chemistry was fantastic and their fast-paced bantering with each other was fascinating to watch, but I'm not too keen on the "young attractive new Companion emerges and must be romantically paired with the Doctor" trope, especially if it's just to get the Doctor out of his brooding funk.

But that's my only little complaint about things so far.

Aside from that, I enjoyed mostly everything else. Particular Vastra and Jenny (they are married! ♥) being wicked and badass together, Strax being unintentionally hilarious, and all of them attempting to help the Doctor.

And of course, Miss Clara Oswin Oswald. She is simply adorable, incredibly clever, and it really makes you wonder precisely who and what she is. I was surprised that her character died again, but there seems to be a purpose that she continues popping up. Are there many copies of her? Clones? Messages from someone or something out there in the universe? Something else entirely? She is quite a mystery, this adorable clever girl. She appears it many points in history and has a special connection. I already loved her from before, but now I'm just so delighted to see where her story may lead to.

My favorite moment of the episode?

After the interrogation moment between Vastra and Oswin (great scene, btw), and Vastra is calling the Doctor to give the word that would, without a doubt, get him to help. The word was "Pond" -- and notice that the Doctor was wearing Amy's glasses in that scene, as well.

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