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Lost Girl S3 Promo

From the looks of things, they are definitely going to heading into the Dark Bo territory. Or rather, a duality between herself and her succubus nature, which we've seen little hints at in the first two seasons of her nearly losing control. I'm pretty excited to see this development. Bo has been seen as this moral compass in a sense because of her decision to be unaligned, so seeing her turning the tables at being somewhat "bad" and uncontrollable in her succubus nature while still unaligned or flirting with the Dark will certainly be something worthwhile. It will definitely stir shit up between the Dark and Light, which seems will play a significant role this season as well.

I'm concerned about my homegirl Kenzi, considering what happened to her last season, and what the outcome will be. I haven't seen much about that yet, but I'm sure we'll be seeing how that progresses and is dealt with in the first several episodes.

I'm also wondering about Bo's mom and whether or not she'll be appearing again? The first season left it rather open, and I figure now would be a good time to bring her back into the fold just as her daughter is getting to experience to darker/wilder side of being a succubus for the first time.

Either way, I'm totally excited for the new season! :D

The third season premieres January 6th (three days away!) on Showcase. Syfy will be premiering the new season the 14th of this month.
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