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Winter hiatus seems to be over...

Elementary 1.11 "Dirty Laundry"

The best part of this entire episode is Sherlock basically attempting to convince Joan that she stay and become his apprentice. From that beginning scene of him going "don't you mean our kitchen?" to him trying to spend more time with her when it wasn't necessarily needed. He doesn't want her to go, which is adorable because it's the exact opposite of how he started out in the beginning of the episode in refusing that he ever needed a sober companion, or anyone at all really. In a sense, him wanting her to become his apprentice is an upgrade and compliment to how well they work together as a team.

But I also like that Joan isn't immediately giving into the position. She certainly finds what Sherlock does fascinating and exhilarating, and has helped in many cases and saved lives in the process, plus she's also adapted deductive skills into her own life which prove to be useful as well. But she also finds a sense of purpose with her current job as being a sober companion. This is demonstrated in the episode when she helps the young girl, though interestingly enough had it not been for the case Joan would never have gotten the chance to help her at all.

So even though she already has another client waiting for her after her time with Sherlock is done, which she kept hidden from him until the very end of he episode, I get the feeling that she is still isn't sure which path to take at the moment.

Regardless, that last scene was truly heartbreaking. Sherlock was so hoping that Joan would change her mind, but she threw him for a loop when she announced that she has another job lined up and just his face. :(

Lost Girl 3.01 "Caged Fae"

The premiere was...interesting, to say the least.

In a sense I was right about them exploring the darker side of Bo, we just didn't realize it until the very end, since the whole setup was her playing a role to uncover the secrets within a Fae prison. Her contemplating about the identity of her biological father (someone obviously Trick knows, but isn't revealing to Bo, at least not yet) and questioning herself and her succubus nature. Of course directly after that, she then attacks some random guy outside. Yeah, that's definitely worth exploring, and that's something I'm excited to see.

Glad they acknowledged Kenzi and the rash, even though she claims it's healing, we all know shit is gonna hit the fan pretty soon. Because when you mess with the Norn, shit gets real, whether it was an accidental spill of something or not.

Hale being the acting Ash and he doesn't like it, lol. Poor Hale.

lol Vex. Glad he's still around, and being a hilarious pest as usual.

Overall, the premiere was okay. It wasn't mindblowing, but it was entertaining, and it made me curious as to where they are heading with Bo's storyline and how it's all gonna play out.

Revenge 2.10 "Power"

Somehow I knew that Samuel T. Anders and Papa Argent were going to plant the drugs and gun on Jack's boat to frame them as part of their plan of getting the stowaway to officially become theirs. It was kind of predictable, really. I'm not that invested in this storyline, since we all know shit is gonna get real, there will be plotting and a fight, which will resort in the boat being rigged and all of that. I'm just kind of amused that Michael Trucco is guest-starring in this show, lol.

As for everything else....

I'm quite ecstatic about Victoria asking Emily for her help. Although it's not in the right context of how my original thoughts were of them collaborating together, it's still them collaborating which is good enough. Victoria has her reasons, as does Emily, but just seeing them at least on the same page is a rarity in itself, particularly when it comes to Daniel. It just was marvelous seeing their scenes together in this episode. I would like more of this please.

I'm scared for Aiden. The Initiative seems to be quite powerful, and his weak spot is definitely his sister, and who knows what will happen when he encounters them again. I'm hoping that Emily will be able to help him out somehow. :S
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