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Pretty Little Liars: "She's Better Now" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.14 "She's Better Now"

Mona has been released from Radley and is back at Rosewood High. The girls are less than thrilled by this news, and even though Mona has been trying to convince them that she's all better, they are still walking on eggshells around her, wondering when her next strike is going to be.

One of the things that I appreciate about the show is that they kept Mona around. I really enjoy her character and the different levels we're seeing of her, particularly her being involved in the "A" Team and hopefully we'll be getting more understanding of how she got recruited, same with Toby and others that are involved. She has her reasons for doing things, and she is definitely planning for something now that she's officially back at Rosewood High. It's interesting her method on getting back into the fold is by playing the innocent card, winning the student populous (and perhaps the entire town) over by gaining their sympathy due to her past. This creates a blanket of security for her, and if anything goes wrong it will be blamed on the four girls because they are the only ones not convinced by her innocent act. It really makes you wonder what game she's playing and what she has setup. Her setting fire to Meredith was just a taste, and in a sense it was both a.) doing something about Aria's problem and b.) creating more problems because of what is happening between Aria and her father. Lord only knows what is gonna happen next, and how much blame and trouble the girls are going to get themselves in because of what Mona inherently sets up.

Speaking of which, how scary was Byron in this episode?

Seriously, his entire reaction to Aria after what happened to Meredith, practically threatening her to expose her and her friends as being responsible for what happened. If I were Aria, I would move out and live with her mom because I would have been absolutely terrified after that incident. Of course, she has something on him that could expose his relations with Alison and whether he had anything to do with her disappearance and death. I knew they would be exploring this and delving deeper into the darker secrets the adults in Rosewood are keeping, but damn. I was scared for Aria during that scene. O_O

I've probably said this before but, except from Emily's dad, nearly all the father figures on this show are real jerks. :/

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Mona being extra creepy as she pretends to be all better. It's so perfect because you know that she's not, that she's playing a game only to gain the upper hand, which makes her exceptionally dangerous because she's gaining so much sympathy and kindness from others yet she hasn't changed a bit. I want to see what happens next.

++ I loved the cinematography in this episode. From the way the camera panned down after a scene made it seem like they were going to show something ominous, and yet nothing did, which added to the tension of the episode. It's just great camerawork, imo.

++ Hanna's grandmother making a reappearance. I love her. ♥

++ Toby being creepy and ominous himself in this episode. Aside from the little car chase in the beginning of the episode, I love that he doesn't really have to do anything other than give little looks to certain people or the way he just stares off while hugging Spencer. It adds something to the way a scene is played out, because we the audience knows the truth about him but Spencer and the rest of the girls don't. It just places a lot of tension during any scene he's in, of what he's doing and questioning his purpose of being there, etc.

++ "Feed me, I'm starving." Best line out of the whole episode, tbh. Caleb bb, never change. ♥

++ Alison flashbacks are always a good thing, imo.

++ "I miss you." "I miss you, too." LUCAS! HANNA! :(

++ That being said, Lucas is definitely going to breakdown soon because you know he doesn't want to be involved with whatever he's asked to do. Perhaps he refused and is thinking of getting himself out, but of course those in the "A" Team aren't happy with this and Toby basically chasing and nearly running him down was more of a warning. Perhaps that's what Mona whispered in Lucas' ear at school, a warning or a threat. In a way I want Lucas to tell the girls everything he knows and how he's been involved, but at the same time we all know what happens to anyone who tells a secret they're not supposed to. So, yeah. Idk. Poor Lucas, though.

++ I want more with Alison's diary. I want to see if the entries match up to what was revealed in the books. I really really really want them to go in that direction.

Things I didn't like:

++ Meredith and Byron are just really shady people, imo. The fact that Aria's father continued to see the woman that was responsible for tearing up her family and then ended up blaming his own daughter for an unfortunate incident that happened to her is just, wow.

++ Girls, when you're spying on someone through an open door, it is not an appropriate time to do stage whispering. 'Kay?

Overall: So happy my show is back. :D I have a feeling that S3B is going to be more exciting than the first half of the season, given what we know about certain characters and how they're roles are going to be now. Toby is part of "A", Mona is out, there's still questions about what happened to Garrett and who locked Aria in the box, and the situation with her father and how that is going to play into the entire puzzle. There are so many mysteries that I'm hoping will be dealt and addressed for the remainder of the season. Give me my suspense and mystery, please, and I will be a happy bunny. :)
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