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Lost Girl 3.02 "SubterrFaenean"


It makes me rather happy to see a show I watch make not only a Slenderman reference, but have a character actually be the creature itself. Besides, I like meeting other different kinds of Fae.

I'm also pleased in seeing the relationship between Bo and Lauren still being officially official, since they opened up the episode with them engaging in lovely lady sexytimes, and the fact that Bo refers to Lauren as her girlfriend. Though I've seen some mixed reactions towards the whole Dyson still being hung up on Bo situation. Quite frankly, I'm not entirely bothered by it? There is still going to be tension between them considering they were together for some time, so it's to be expected. For the most part he seems rather okay with Bo having chosen Lauren and is respecting her decision.

Tamsin seems to be typical Dark Fae. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about her character yet, since she seems to be following direct orders from the Morgan to be getting all the nasty dirt on Bo possibly killing one of their own. Her entire purpose is to stir shit up and create tension. But we'll see how her role plays out.

I'm curious as to what happened to Bo. What was the vision? Is something else controlling Bo's actions, aside from her succubus nature? Is the Dark involved somehow?

I love learning more about Kenzi's past and meeting her peeps. I'm hoping for a Kenzi-centric episode focusing on certain aspects of her life, like her family and that past coming back to haunt her in a sense. We've met some of her family, but there's still a lot of unanswered questions. She obviously had it rough to have left home and live on the streets at such a young age.

Revenge 2.11 "Sabotage"

Emily/Aiden/Nolan = OT3. ♥

I love the fact that they're working as a team. Aiden and Nolan have their little banter going on, the whole 007 and Q exchange was cute, and the entire setup of faking a kidnapping to rattle Helena and the Initiative's cages was brilliantly done. I want them to continue playing like this. Hell, I just want them to go off together concocting schemes of revenge on people.

So it appears that Padma has been working for the Initiative all along. It's sad because I really like her and I've grown to like her and Nolan together, but in this show everyone is playing everyone else for their own reasons. I honestly want to know her reason, if she was planted there from the beginning or if they got to her somehow, possibly after discovering the truth about how Nolan started his company.

I just feel bad for Nolan, he continues to be fucked with by everyone around him. Except for Emily, who is his only true friend in his life.

Conrad Grayson getting involved with the whole Stowaway situation. I honestly didn't expect that, but then again I didn't expect Ashley to return and become an influence in helping Conrad, or at least blackmailing him to help him out in his situation. Which includes getting involved with the problem the Porter's are facing. This might actually make this particular storyline more bearable.

Elementary 1.12 "M"

BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON. Like, without a doubt.

This whole episode blew everything else out of the water.

The amount of tension and emotion, the performance by Jonny Lee Miller was phenomenal. I was legitimately frightened by Sherlock in this episode. Just everything he was conveying, from his cool confidence at kidnapping this man who is supposedly killed Irene, only to realize that he wasn't the one who killed her. That moment when Sherlock is barely holding it together, having turned away so Moran couldn't see his face falling apart, attempting to convince himself that this is the man who killed her, that he wasn't wrong. Just, that killed me right there. And then afterwards, when he was talking to Joan. The tears and pain in his eyes. He was stripped raw, vulnerable, open. Just, absolutely heartbreaking.

I also loved the interaction between Sherlock and Joan. More high tension than usual, considering that he planned on torturing and killing a man out of vengeance. Joan discovering things out, the fact that Sherlock ended up telling her most of everything, his motives of his addiction, what he was planning on doing, etc, and her wasting no time in getting help from the police. And that ending, oh god, that ending. She lied, she is staying with him and lied that his father agreed to the extension. She is staying because she wants to, because she is worried and she wants him to be alright. Just. alsjdf;lasfdaskfd. ♥__♥

My absolute favorite aspect of this entire episode is that speech. The speech Joan gives to Sherlock at the beginning of the episode, which is then repeated by him at the end.

That, to me, is quite huge because it's them both complimenting each other on what they do. They both are intrigued and fascinated and appreciative of what the other does for a living, and it really is a testament to how much their characters have grown with their relationship. Plus, Sherlock saying it to Joan was so heartfelt and genuine. He truly admires what she does because if it wasn't for her, he'd be lost completely. She really does make an impact on his life and he appreciates the fact that she stayed by his side regardless of all the nonsense and insanity that went on in his life. And just, yeah. MY SHOW. ♥

So this episode goes down as possibly the best episodes this show has had to date so far. This, I think, marks how much the show is going to get much better now that the Moriarty arc has been introduced. It makes me excited for what is coming.

In other television news, it appears that Alphas has been canceled. I didn't watch the show, but I know others that did. It just makes me wonder how many more shows does Syfy have to kill off before there's no longer any scifi on their channel anymore? Since there's only so many shows left, you know. *sighs*
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