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VMars: "Leave It To Beaver" Episode Review

First and foremost, there's an ultimate SQUEE!Moment that involves Joss Whedon and Veronica Mars. Literally. UPN has confirmed it, Joss will definitely appear on Veronica Mars this upcoming season. An excerpt from the article:
Joss Whedon, the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" creator who gushed online about UPN's "Veronica Mars" this summer, has been rewarded with a guest spot on the show. The network says he'll play a rental-car manager who has a scene with Veronica (Kristen Bell) in this season's sixth episode.
DUDE. That's all I'm saying. Just...dude! *restrains self from fangirling both Rob and Joss to death*

Now that I have finally seen the first season finale of VM, after all that waiting and the anticipation that was just killing me inside because certain people knew what happens before me. I am grateful to report that I am now, officially, Rob Thomas' TV bitch. He has made me obsessed with this damn show and I am blaming my fangirling entirely on him. It's just a downright freaking awesome show that kicks major ass, gorrammit! But enough with this jibber-jabbering. Time for some dishy reviewing!

This finale pretty much summed up the entire season nicely, well-structured and unlike the previous episode that had me emotionally drained and stunned, this was almost equally as shocking but more action-packed and gasping with anticipation. I was severely crying, laughing, and frightened right along with our tiny little blonde heroine. Everything was wrapped up beautifully in the very end, considering this is the main episode that concludes the Lilly Kane murder mystery. Let me just announce that I already knew who the killer was prior to watching this episode, though I was still jittering and gasping when it was actually unraveled onscreen. Mr. Thomas knows how to shock even the informed viewer. This is, by far, one of the best VMars episodes I have encountered aside from the one previous to it.

Mama Mars: Returns, Fails, Flees

Lianne Mars definitely wins in the Deadbeat Mother pageant. I was skeptical about her at first and I actually was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, with her surprising Veronica in the end of A Trip To The Dentist indicated that she was fine. That everything was going to be back to normal for the Mars family, or close to normal as it can be in Veronica's case. However, this episode really did make the Hero and the Villain comparision that Veronica had made many episodes back. She said this:
Keith: I don't want you to think that your mother is the villain of all this.
Veronica: Isn't she? The hero is the one that stays, and the villain is the one that splits.
So let's recap Lianne's patterns throughout the season, shall we? She had an affair with Jake Kane and when things were getting rough financially and the loss of social status she leaves Neptune for good; when Veronica tries to track down and locate her mother she finds her in an almost-abandoned bar drowning in her sorrows, and after all that Veronica had done to make sure she would return home once again -- because Veronica needs a mother figure too, you know -- Lianne blew her plan out of the water, returned too early and was still drinking. Gee, she sounds like an ideal mother, doesn't she?

After all the events that had occurred in this episode, Veronica had confronted her on this issue. She was no longer playing games, and had kicked her mother out of the household. I hadn't thought about the water Veronica tried to drink but spit out being disguised as alcohol, until I rewatched the episode. I know Veronica wants her mother back, and after watching the beginning sequence with both her and Lianne cooking in the kitchen being all goofy (The Spoon! Veronica + Spoon = OTP), I would've suspected everything would be back to normal. Then, the continuation of drinking sunk that hope. And, to top that all off after Veronica tells her mother how she feels and what's best, Lianne steals the $50K the Kane's rewarded Keith for finding Duncan!

And thus, I repeat, the Deadbeat Mother Award goes to Lianne Mars.

Paternity: Siblingcest No More

Finally revealed -- Keith Mars is definitely, without a doubt, Veronica's biological father. So, this concludes the V.C. Andrews Duncan/Veronica incestuous relations as said in the previous episode (which is a shame, because I quite enjoyed that storyline). Of course, the emotional turmoil between Veronica and Duncan when this suspicion of them being half-siblings was announced is going to be tension from now on. I loved Duncan's expression when she revealed the paternity results. It was a mixture of 'WTF are you serious?' and 'Oh. Okay. So I can enjoy those sweet memories and wetdreams now? COOL!'

Of course, Lilly and Veronica did act a lot like sisters when they're together. Perhaps there's a possibility....?

Killer, Killer, Whose The Killer?

Misleadings everywhere, in the episode. In the beginning it was assuming of Dick and Beaver (a.k.a. the Asshole Brothers United), then the Kane's believing it was Duncan who killed Lilly in a fit of accidental rage, then Veronica thinking it was Logan over a false alibi. Just misleadings everywhere. And then....

Psychotic Aaron Echolls. I always knew his unjustifiable outbursts of rage and beating upon Logan sounded fishy, especially when Lilly's killer was a ferocious one. Aaron does one stellar job of creating a character that sounds likeable despite the discipline treatments then turning around and creating an entirely different character whom we all love to hate. I was actually frightened for Veronica when he locked her in the fridge and planned on burning her alive. Someone tell me I wasn't the only one thinking of last CSI's finale of Nick in the box underground and that coffin scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2. Because, dude, the levels of symbolism. My favorite thing, though, is that during the fight scene there's no music -- just violence. Punches being thrown. Destruction, chaos, and a screaming Veronica isn't the box. Hoo-boy, that was just an intense scene. Particularly when Aaron started the fire around trapped!Veronica. Eek!

But, yay for Keith to saving his daughter no matter what the risks. And double yay for Backup to viciously attack Aaron. Bonus and score for the truck hitting Aaron.

Logan's life is pretty fucked up. Well, that's an understatement really. First Lilly's murdered, then his mother dies, and then the awkwardness of the relationship with Veronica (until the eventually break it off due to the circumstances happening in this episode, with jumping to conclusions and all), and then finally we learn that Aaron was having an affair with Lilly while she and Logan, his son mind you, were still dating or semi-dating, and then killed her in fearing his career would be over. Wow. Logan needs a psychiatrist after all this is absorbed. Seriously. I wanna give our little woobie Logan a hug.

Overall: SPECTACULAR epsiode. Suspenseful moments, the mystery unraveling right before our eyes, the intensity of emotions and characters shining during their most crucial moments. Kristen Bell deserves to be recongnized in this role because, her acting? Superb. She sends chills down your spine and you feel the emotional rush because her character is created for the audience to have an emotional connection with her. That's why I love and hate Rob Thomas, because he makes me cry and cry during scenes that I shouldn't be crying over! Damn you, Rob! *sniffles*

In other words, I cannot wait until season two starts (and Joss Whedon guest-stars, yay!!) *glee*
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