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Lost Girl: "Fae-de To Black" Episode Review

Lost Girl 3.04 "Fae-de To Black"

First of all, the mentioning of Indonesian lore on this show = A++++ My culture represent! ♥

Poor Kenzi. I felt so horrible for her during this whole episode.

All she wanted was for someone to listen to her, but everyone else was consumed by their own problems. Which okay, it's understandable somewhat, but damn, all she asked for was a minute of someone's time so she could unload herself. Believe me, I've been there, and it sucks when others don't take your problems seriously.

Now, I've seen some criticism in regards to what Trick said. I agree he was rather harsh, but I think it was doing the tough love thing because there are major differences between the Fae world and the human world, and humans don't necessarily understand the importance of these kinds of political meetings in keeping the peace of their kind. So in a sense I figured that's what Trick was aiming for, not necessarily putting Kenzi down but making a statement about her being human versus the difficulties that goes on in the Fae world, particularly within the realm of Dark versus Light and the important negotiations that happen amongst their kind.

But this might have cost Kenzi some help that she needed, because now she's in deeper shit considering her Norn-induced wound. That ending freaked me out because, holy shit, what just happened?! :O

I'm hoping after this everyone will finally see that she really is in deep trouble and will help her. In a way, I'm thinking Dyson would have been someone she could have seen, considering she did risk herself going to the Norn in the first place for him. He, of all people, should understand.

As for Bo and Lauren, I was incredibly surprised by what was done in this episode.

Many Doccubus fans were worried whether their relationship would be on the rocks, and there was an argument made out of the heat of the moment between them, but it was all resolved by the end with really pleasantly surprising results.

Most shows would prolong the whole jealousy thing, make one party completely pissed off and the other one wallowing in self-pity, with them taking a break from each other and whatnot, if nothing else than to have an extended kind of drama between characters. But not in Lost Girl. Here we have an example of a mature adult relationship between two people who are trying to make it work underneath unusual circumstances. Lauren, after Bo told her about having a one-night stand with Dyson in order to heal her internal bleeding, didn't get angry. She seemed visibly upset at first, but she quickly recovered and told Bo that it was alright. Bo is a succubus, her true nature is to feed off of sexual energy otherwise she will get weaker and eventually lose all control of herself. Being with Lauren just isn't enough, and Lauren recognizes this. Instead of getting angry, she accepts it. But she sets some ground rules in order to make their relationship work around this particular fact, and Bo is perfectly okay with that. And that? I loved most of all about this episode. They are working things out, they are making it work.

Another thing I love about this show is the representation of bisexuals. Bo is a bisexual woman who has had many partners and flings in the past (both men and women, human and Fae), but when she gets into a serious relationship she is strictly monogamous. She felt horribly guilty about cheating on Lauren that she didn't want to feed even when every instinct told her to. I just love it.

I'm actually liking Tamsin more and more. She has hilarious one-liners and that general "I don't give a shit what happens" kind of attitude, which again is typical Dark Fae, but she has her own style of spunk and I'm quite curious about her backstory (she said in the last episode she was a Valkyrie, so I'm hoping for more on that.)
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