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Pretty Little Liars: "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.17 "Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Inferno"

Spencer starts unraveling as she is privately dealing with what she discovered about Toby, which might not be good for her mental state of mind. But she intends on doing something about it by getting answers elsewhere. Aria deals with the truth being revealed to Ezra about his son. Hanna finds out that Paige and Caleb are working together to stop Mona and is trying to find a way of stopping whatever they have planned, which has her stumbling upon something else. Emily is sent old stuff from Alison which may have bigger clues as to what happened that summer.

Spencer Hastings: Broken and Scarred, But Not Defeated

Seeing her deteriorate like that was hard to watch. The worst part is that she's dealing with this all alone. She hasn't told her friends what she just discovered, perhaps not understanding herself what it is she found out or why or even how to approach the subject with the rest of them. But still, she's by herself with this knowledge and you can tell it's weighing her down in such a tremendous, heartbreaking way. Just from the way she carried herself through the episode to the way she looked, her being completely weary and worn down, to the way she spoke to everyone else around her, it really spoke levels to how she's dealing. Which is not well at all. ;__;

But all in the same, what happened at the end of the episode really surprised me. She is planning on doing something about this. She secretly hired a private investigator to snoop around and see what they could find out about Toby and where that mysterious "A" key led to.

So even if she is completely shattered and barely holding it together, she is still managing to finding a way of dealing things her own way.

Though I have a feeling that this plan might backfire, considering she is doing this all by herself. Plus I heard a rumor that she might be setup because of this and be admitted to Radley because of her behavior, which unfortunately she did lash out several points during this episode and it might come back to bite her later. But honestly, given what the girls have gone through, can you really blame her after everything? All I want though is for her to let the rest of the girls in on everything, sooner than later.

The Mystery of Alison DiLaurentis Continues...

Adding more mystery to what happened to Alison.

First, judging from the old notebook and what was being told by Cece, Alison was definitely seeing someone secretly, someone we don't know (yet). This someone who possibly got her pregnant. Now this lies the question whether Alison was, indeed, pregnant or if it was just a false alarm? Could it be possible that this was one of the reasons that got her killed, or is this just another piece of Alison's life the girls didn't know? Also, could Wilden be part of it? Not necessarily the one that killed her, but the one that she hooked up with? Could he have answers that he's not revealing, at the stake of his own job?

So many more questions to the pile of unanswered mysteries to this girl. As intriguing as they are, I can't wait to see some of them answered.

Things I liked about this episode:

++ As much as it broke my heart, I was impressed with the way they had Spencer in this episode. She was literally just hanging on my a thread, holding it together for the sake of everyone else, but she had her breaking points and crumbled. The last scene with her and the private investigator, with her tearing herself from a picture of her and Toby, that was chilling and very symbolic to what has happened to her over these last two episodes. She was tearing up the old version of herself. She is no longer going to be naive, to be fooled. Just, wow. Kudos to Troian and to this show for the way they did this.

++ Speaking of, I really liked it when Spencer just didn't give a fuck about anything. She was just speaking her mind because she's had enough crap and being toyed with.

++ Best moment of the episode: Hanna going to a lesbian bar to spy on Paige, and ends up getting hit on by a random girl. XD Loved it.

++ lol @ that flashback with Toby. I mean, I loved flashbacks with Alison to give us more about her and what happened back then and all of that. But him being all gangsta? I get that he went to juvvie, but when he returned to Rosewood he wasn't rocking the ghetto style. He was more like a quiet wounded puppy than anything (unless that was his cover to make him less menacing and more likely to spawn sympathy, like how Mona is now.) But idk, I just found it funny for some reason.

Things I didn't like:

++ Ezra being very, eh. This whole storyline seems very contrived for some reason. It's always been like that with these two obviously, but this whole "I had a son that I didn't know about and just found out and now I'm brooding and a mess because it was kept secret from me" sort of thing is just, yeah, idek. Blah. :/

++ No Mona in this episode. Or Caleb. :(

Overall: I really enjoyed this episode, a whole lot. Most of it was due to Troian's outstanding performance because, holy fuck she can act her ass off. I really felt for what Spencer was going through. I'm glad they are continuing with the mystery of Alison and not skimping on anything, which with the notebook being turned in will obviously backfire at some point, esp with Wilden possibly being involved. Just another great episode. :)
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