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Elementary 1.13 - 1.15

Basically to sum up the recent three episodes, the strength of the Sherlock and Joan relationship continues to give me happy feels.

Moreover, the progression of Sherlock's character has just been incredibly impressive.

Especially in the recent episode, the last scene in particular. Where after the entire ordeal after dealing with his ex-drug dealer, he made the conscious decision of going to the addicts meeting, which is something earlier in the season he wouldn't have wanted to have done, especially to discuss his drug addition. I mean, the entire episode was practically having someone dangling that drug addiction in front of his face, and he could have easily succumbed to the pressure and the temptation. But instead, he vehemently resisted that temptation. He might not always want to talk about his drug addiction, but he shows his progression of sobriety through these kinds of actions, and that last scene of him insisting that he and Joan go to the meeting says a lot about how far he's come.

That being said, it would be interesting to see an episode or arc of him relapsing.

Of course, the only way I can see that happening at this point is either a.) something to do with Moriarty, or b.) someone forced injected him with a drug to make him completely whacked out and having the inability to do his job. Mostly because I would love to see him feeling guilty about it, Joan helping him recover from it, and seeing how their relationship progresses from there.

Just some other random things:

++ Sherlock spoke to his father, another part of his character progression that I didn't foresee. Even though it was for money in regards to the case (which he returned when it wasn't necessary), but still. It makes you question whether or not he is aware of Joan no longer being his official sober companion and yet stayed because she wanted to regardless....

++ Joan is always awesome in every episode, but I loved that she got in on the action and got to beat up an armed man. You go, Joanie!

++ Joan being protective of Sherlock, setting down the rules for Rhys regarding the whole drug vs sobriety thing. Actually, I liked that both Joan and Sherlock dealt with the drug dealer situation in their own ways. Sherlock was on edge because of it, having his own level of restraint and control around someone who could possible trigger him. Joan being apprehensive but setting things straight, putting her foot down when she needed to. And even though Rhys seemed to be a bad influence, none of that influence was triggered and instead it made things clearer for Sherlock about not taking the drugs (mostly because the whole idea of the drugs were his cure of thinking straight was absolutely ridiculous)

++ I do want more of an update about Sherlock and Gregson, seeing as how they didn't part ways that well even though he was let back onto the team. It must've been heartbreaking to have someone you look up to and someone you respect lose that kind of faith in you, even if Sherlock does have his own ego and insensitivity issues in regards to what he did. Even though Gregson seems to trust Sherlock in his deductive skills in helping on cases, that faith placed into him as a human being seems to have waned. I kind of want more exploration of that.

++ I WANT MORE OF CLYDE. ♥ Adorable tortoise with Mommy Joan and Daddy Sherlock.


Is it just me, or does the opening credits often shorten itself depending on the length of the episode? I've noticed this several episodes back when one of them didn't even have the music, just the title card. I just find it weird that they would do it like that.

Also, for anyone who is in love with Joan's adorable fashion on the show as I am should check out this blog. It's not as regularly updated particularly with the recent episodes, but it's the only place I've found so far to check out where to find similar clothing to make your own Joan Watson fashion trend. Because whether done casually or just bundled up for that bitter New York weather, gurlfran knows how to dress.
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