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Pretty Little Liars: "Dead To Me" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.18 "Dead To Me"

Spencer continues on her downward spiral, Emily is having difficulty with her own conscience about what happened at the lighthouse, which during a therapy session she uncovers something else linked to her missing night at Alison's grave. Hanna helps Caleb in regards to his family and his past, while Aria is dealing with the fact that Ezra still hasn't made contact with her after leaving Rosewood.

Spencer Hastings: "She's just...broken."

I'm guessing the rumor I read about her possibly being sent away might actually be true after all.

Watching Spencer go down this road, completely shattered and broken, is heartbreaking. She's usually the character that has it all under control, even when things got incredibly tense. Think about everything that happened with her family throughout the show, the confrontation with her parents, with Melissa, with her father, all of that was stressful enough. But this? This is an entire new level that doesn't even compare to the other things that have happened to her.

But because she is keeping this all to herself, this could definitely get her into a whole load of trouble. She is behaving recklessly, she is saying things without thinking. The Spencer Hastings we knew before, the one who would think rationally, who would come up with brilliant plans, the one who would hold the group together is gone. Which is dangerous because that is precisely what "A" wants to happen. Look at how Mona approached Spencer at school. She is practically doing cartwheels of joy seeing Spencer breaking down like this. If Spencer doesn't wise up soon and tell the rest of the girls what she knows, she's going to end up on a full-blown meltdown.

I just want some answers from Toby, since he does have a lot to answer for.

In the same sense, I really don't want to give up on these two, but from the way it looks, things are getting bleaker the longer he stays away and the more her sanity deteriorates. :(

The Girl in the Red Coat

It's this mystery that is leaving my curious as to how they're going to handle the reveal, and how much of book canon they are intending to use.

I'm hoping that they stick to the twin reveal because, in all honesty, that would be a fantastic twist and quite shocking for the girls to find out the truth about their friend and the dark secrets that followed with that. But at the same time, it makes events in the show kind of questionable. This leader of the "A" team has been seen out and about wandering around Rosewood, with and without the hood of the red coat on. You'd think someone walking around with Alison's face would be highly recognizable. But this show sometimes doesn't go for believability with certain things, so they could go in the direction of the twin thing. The producers said that they had no idea how they were to play this angle and would be paying tribute to the books, and so far they have in certain cases. But unless they have a really good twist up their sleeve, the twin thing is definitely the one I am banking on. It seems too ridiculous to do anything else otherwise at this point with all the little winks and nudges they've given, especially the visions/hallucinations the girls have been having about Alison being there in real time.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Troian Bellisario deserves all the awards. Her performance is just heartbreaking.

++ I like seeing that there may be a role reversal between Mona and Spencer. While Spencer is on the verge of a mental breakdown, Mona has risen to everyone's sympathies and is gaining access to what Spencer had as successes. Plus with the likelihood that Spencer might be sent away it really adds to the symbolism that not only is Mona taking her place, but that "A" is winning.

++ I really like the side storyline they're giving Caleb. Like, he's not always in the forefront, but I really adore his and Hanna's relationship and I like that Hanna is looking out after him and that he's getting some emotional stuff to work with regarding his family and his past.

++ Emily's speech was amazing, mostly because it rings true. Imagine having to kill someone in self-defense, it doesn't matter whether that person was horrible and did despicable things, the very notion that you killed a living, breathing human being really messes with your head. There is no other way of rationalizing it. Emily killed another person. That weighs down your conscience a whole lot. I like the way the show has dealt with these kinds of heavy storylines; Emily with the aftermath of the lighthouse, Spencer with the aftermath of finding out about Toby. These girls are dealing with some pretty serious shit that they've mostly kept to themselves, and they each react differently to how they're resolving it on their own.

++ What exactly was in that room that Spencer went to? I might have missed it, but she seemed pretty distraught upon seeing that it was empty.

Overall: A great episode, if only for the emotional aspect of Spencer and Emily. I felt that their storylines kind of go hand-in-hand with how these girls may be pushed to the brink of questioning themselves and everything else around them. Emily seems to be holding things together more than Spencer is currently. I also am very happy that the show is moving forward with the Girl in the Red Coat thing, the "A" ringleader, the one calling the shots, the one responsible for everything that is happening to the girls. I honestly can't wait for more of this to be examined and explained.
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