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Could have been a knife.

Elementary 1.16 "Details"


I mean, first we get a Marcus Bell episode, which was very well-done with providing some background about his family and just something emotional for his character for a change.

And then we get Sherlock making the proposition for Joan to stay on permanently as his partner. Just, that whole scene was so beautifully done. Sherlock's face when he was making his speech. The fact that he knew she was no longer being paid to be his sober companion yet stayed anyway, and the way his voice softened when he said that he was grateful. He was so vulnerable there. Like, he was opening up to her about the way he views her as a person, as a friend, as someone he trusts and someone who he wants as a companion, a partner, in his work. And the fact that he even said the things that Joan's therapist practically asked whether he would or not, well, that's kind of the thing that really broke me. THAT WHOLE SCENE WAS BRILLIANT AND WONDERFUL AND I COULD HAVE PUKED RAINBOWS BECAUSE OF IT.

Never mind that last scene with them. Joan just announcing her terms in their partnership. Sherlock's face. He was very O_O and then :DDDDD and it was so adorable.

Perfect Valentine's Day episode they could have given us. They gave us the next level and stage to the relationship between Sherlock and Joan. Them officially becoming equal partners, of Sherlock admitting that he's better with Joan around, and Joan really finally staying and accepting his proposal. It's so beautiful watching their friendship and partnership progress like this. ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, and the whole gag of Sherlock attempting to teach self-defense, with the "could have been a knife" thing was perfection. lol

Revenge 2.13 "Union"

I honestly didn't expect Victoria to shoot Helen Crowley.

Not that I don't think she's capable, because if there's anything we've learned about Victoria is that she's willing to do anything to protect her family. Blackmail, manipulation, whatever. But the fact that it happened so fast, so soon, without hesitation. She made it seem like Helen had her cornered, but really turned the tables in cornering her instead and shooting her in cold blood. No mercy, no regret. Again, she would do anything to protect her son, and her family, from the things the this woman has placed upon them. However, you know that this is going to have heavy consequences. The Initiative is going to realize their leader has gone missing, and when they do all hell will break loose.

It was pretty damn bold of fake!Amanda to threaten Conrad with the evidence Emily had in her house. She meant well in intentions, but this means that the Graysons will now know that Amanda Clarke has it out for them with hardcore concrete evidence supporting their involvement in destroying her family. Something that Emily has tried desperately to keep hidden from them to avoid any kind of suspicions.

I knew that once Conrad broke any kind of negotiations with Anders, because of this threat, that he would find his own methods on bringing down Jack to take over the Stowaway. Which leads us to the mystery that is what we saw at the beginning of the season with the explosion of the boat.

I'm relieved that Emily and Aiden reconciled and worked things out. I love them together, and they both certainly deserve some kind of happiness and relief from all the insanity that has been happening.

Nolan confronting Padma about what she has been doing with the Initiative was very risky, but necessary.

This leads me to question the actual inner workings of the Initiative. Granted Helen Crowley was their supposed leader, but of course there may be others in head of power. It is a powerful organization that can, and will, execute people without blinking an eye and they will blackmail others into being their little spies and pawns. Emily's father was just one of these unfortunate victims. Same with Aiden's father, and now we're learning about Padma having to follow orders or else her own father will suffer a similar fate. Even the Graysons themselves have been used in such a way as well. I know most people have been criticizing this season as been less revengey as the first season, but I think it's because season one was more of a personal vendetta for Emily. This season is more or less getting to who is actually responsible, and it seems to run much deeper than just a family destroying another man's life. There's always something bigger and badder behind the devil himself, and the Initiative is proving to have more on their agenda than we realize.

I'm just hoping we understand more of their plans this season.

Lost Girl 3.05 "Faes Wide Shut"

Kenzi is not really Kenzi, but an imposter of some kind.

I spent most of the episode wondering what the hell was going on. I mean, I knew Kenzi wasn't herself, but I didn't know to what extent. Was she possessed? Did whatever that rash was alter something in her to make her act differently? She was very Single White Female, with spreading false information to create suspicion if only just to have Bo to herself, which isn't something Kenzi does.

But, naturally, Bo figured it out before anyone else. Of course she would, she knows her best friend, and she will do anything to get back her Kenzi. I can't wait to see that.


This brings up a lot of questions regarding her succubus nature. It seems that when she goes into super succubus mode she doesn't really remember much, it's like her entire being is placed in this trance and her nature as a succubus takes over. Bo is constantly worried about something darker within her, and we've seen her on the verge of nearly losing control before. This episode demonstrated that, unless there is someone there to regain her sense of self, her nature may just take over completely. What if Bo clearly has been committing these crimes, like taking the lives of others, but doesn't remember because she either a.) doesn't want to remember or b.) she can't because it's something she hasn't learned to control? Or perhaps a third option, that someone or something is controlling her?

But really, this has me concerned for both Kenzi and Bo.

Seems that LJ has decided to make the new update function mandatory instead of optional. Oh what fun. /sarcasm
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