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Pretty Little Liars: "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.19 "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted"

While Spencer continues her downward spiral, Hanna makes the connection that Caleb's uncle is, in fact, his biological father and tries to make the two reconcile and meet up with this knowledge and truth. Emily approaches Jason regarding what Spencer revealed in the previous episode, and they go hunting for evidence backing up the statement to prove that Alison was with Wilden, though it ends unexpectedly for both of them. Aria spends time with Wesley, who is basically hiding from his family.

Spencer Hastings: The Broken-Hearted

Just as predicted, Mona not only took Spencer's place in the debate team, but also referred her about her mental state out of "concern" of her recent behavior.

While it appears that Spencer may be sobering at the very end of the episode, she practically may have sealed her fate with her outburst. Mona could file a complaint, Wren could attest to what he witnessed along with the rest of her former teammates, and it could be enough to hold Spencer away for a while, if they indeed are going that route. It's true, she hasn't been herself lately (with good reason), and I think it took something like Jason's accident to possibly shake her from her funk. But that doesn't mean that "A" won't use this against her, since she dug that grave herself by going off the deep end.

What Happened To Jason?

We know that someone has been trying to off the N.A.T. Club members one by one, for whatever reason of their involvement of what they did back in the day or something else entirely. Two members are already dead, and Jason is the only one left. In this episode, someone seemed to want to fuck with him, including putting his life in danger. He managed to escape the elevator crash alive, but just barely.

Which leads to the question on how he could have escaped the hospital? He was severely injured, it couldn't have been easy. Unless either he was faking it or someone had taken him away, possibly for protection?

Just another thing to add to the pile of mysteries.

Things I liked about this episode:

++ I kinda like the chemistry between Spencer and Andrew. They definitely have a history due to being competitors, so there's this friendly push-pull relationship. He didn't seem to mind testing and challenging Spencer, particularly when she managed to persuade him into a strip competition (even if it was to con him into getting her back onto the team.) I take it as mild flirtation. Plus, he's nice. So yeah, I like them together, as friends or potential love interests, idc. They're cute.

++ Same with Aria and Wesley. Hell, they have more chemistry with each other than Aria/Ezra, so that's saying something.

++ Spencer taking off her bra underneath her shirt = priceless moment of the whole episode, tbh.

++ One of the things I like about this show has always been whenever the girls have a fight or argument, they tend to reconcile pretty quickly. Spencer apologized to Emily, and I'm pretty sure the next episode Spencer is going to start talking with the girls again. Sometimes the girls need their own space, and after they do they return with a (hopefully) clearer head.

++ Hanna helping Caleb out with the whole father issue is really sweet of her. On one hand I could understand Caleb's reservation on dealing with it, and I understood his own reasons for not being ready. But Hanna has his best interests at heart, and only wants to do the right thing. I like that she is looking out for him. Though, she may start reconsidering considering Caleb's father is kind of stealing money, which no doubt create more drama than Caleb deserves in his life right now.

++ Spencer and Mona fight! The fact Spencer is getting so bold at confronting Mona like that is sort of placing a flashing red arrow at her disruptive behavior. But still, seeing them facing off like that was kind of awesome, if only to see Spencer just scream, "DIE!" and tackle Mona to the ground.

Things I didn't like:

++ Wren. Okay, it's no secret that I dislike him greatly, but why is he suddenly the go-to doctor for psychiatric purposes? Originally he was just there at the mental hospital as a volunteer, he's not even a mental health doctor. I just feel like they're bringing him back as a rebound which, ew, no. Go away Wren. :|

Overall: Wild!Spencer is bringing out the amazing performance of Troian, which I love, and it's one of the things that I enjoyed about these last few episodes. It seems that she may be going to sober up a bit, but shit will probably hit the fan.
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