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I wanted you to learn to trust your instincts.

Elementary 1.17 "Possibility Two"


That's pretty much what I got from this episode, really. Their entire dynamic is so damn cute, it makes me wanna cry from happiness. There seems to be more of an ease about them now, they're more comfortable being around each other than previously which says a whole lot about how far they've come. Never mind that there are these little moments where they kind of act like children, but playfully, you know? The best moment was Sherlock mouthing "Jerry" in a playfully mocking manner. Just, seriously. ♥ ♥ ♥

Revenge 2.14 "Sacrifice"

Holy crap. D: D: D:

Fake!Amanda dying due to the explosion on the boat, never mind the emotional goodbye between her and Emily, was something I wasn't prepared for. I knew that shit was going to go down between Jack and the other dude because of the arrangements made in keeping the Stowaway, which escalated quickly when he hid on the boat as Jack and fake!Amanda were going on their honeymoon. Just several hours later they are being threatened at gunpoint, fake!Amanda ends up saving Jack (who unfortunately got himself shot but is okay) and as a result she gets herself severely injured from the explosion to the point where she cannot be saved in time. Emily tried her best, arriving on the boat to save her, but it just wasn't enough to get her off the boat in time.

Now yes, the necklace was something added to not only give fake!Amanda reason to delay getting off the boat in order to get that seriously hurt, but to give their final farewell something more to their relationship with each other. Seeing Emily's face once realizing that it was too late to save her was devastating. It's like, once again, she failed someone. Although fake!Amanda thanked Emily for giving her the life she could never had, she still feels like she let her down.

This will no doubt fuel her vengeance against the Graysons and the Initiative even further.

Also, this presents an opportunity because the Graysons will believe that the real Amanda Clarke perished in the explosion. But oh boy, are they ever wrong. If nothing else, Emily is gonna strike harder against them and get shit done.

In any case, it's really sad seeing fake!Amanda go. When she first appeared I wasn't entirely sold on her being that loyal to Emily despite their history, considering she was a loose cannon when she first was introduced. But the more we got into her story, the more I realized that she's just a girl who lived an unfortunate life and did what she could to survive. Meeting Emily was an opportunity given to her that she didn't know what she was getting herself into, but it was something she wouldn't take back for a second. Their was a friendship between them, even if it seemed strained at times because of how Emily was only using this friendship as a leverage to her main objective. But there was a connection there between them, a bond that, while not conventional by any means, was real. They've been screwed in life, they both had horrible pasts and were given a second chance. Just when fake!Amanda was getting her life together, having a baby and being newly wed and having the family she never could have had before, she ends up getting killed by means of greed and conspiracies. :(

And if there's one thing Emily won't do, is let her death be in vain. She will avenge the deaths of those loved ones in her life if it's the last thing she'll do.

In other fandom happenings, it has been officially confirmed that Misha Collins has been, once again, signed on as a series regular for the ninth season of Supernatural. About time.

The Oscars were last night, but I didn't watch. While I'm disappointed that The Hobbit didn't win anything, I am ecstatic that Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Actress! I just love her so much. Girl has been slaying everywhere this season, winning all the awards. She rightfully deserves them, too, given she's very talented and puts a lot of effort into the projects she works on. Plus she's totally adorable and completely down-to-earth and, despite little embarrassing mishaps, she doesn't take herself seriously and has the full love and support of everyone around her, including her family (all who glomped her after her win, d'awww.) The fact that she's now an Oscar winner is quite impressive and very well-deserved. Congrats, bb gurl. ♥
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