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Pretty Little Liars: "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"

Spencer reveals to the rest of the girls the truth about Toby, leaving much disbelief and devastation as to what this could mean. Emily refuses to believe that Toby, her friend, could be behind everything since day one and tries to make contact with him, despite Spencer's warnings. Hanna tries to get a handle on the Wilden situation and makes a decision to ultimately protect her mom. Aria continues to deal with the reality that her relationship with Ezra has changed since his son and Maggie have permanently entered the picture. In the meanwhile, Spencer attempts to follow Mona, only to become more shattered and broken by the episode's end.

Spencer Hastings: Can you break what's already broken?

Poor Spencer, she's dealt with so much throughout this whole ordeal. This was just the final straw to break everything.

Honestly? I don't think that was Toby's body. Or if it was, it was just a display to put the message out there, like with the message to Emily and the rest of the girls: the Toby Cavanaugh they once knew is dead. Everything they knew about him before is just a memory now, and they're dealing with the one that joined the "A" Team for a reason. Of course, after everything Spencer had been going through, her whirlwind spiral after discovering this entire truth about the person she thought she knew, this little "A" display Mona left her just put her into further heartbreak. The scene where she is chasing after Mona but slows down because she is practically hyperventilating from the tears and devastation of what she saw in the woods, and just breaking down right there, she clutches her heart. She is hurting so bad here. She wants answers, she wants to know why, she wants to understand the things she cannot comprehend and has been troubling herself for weeks with. It's understandable that she would have reached her breaking point. Even the strongest person isn't completely invulnerable when it comes to something as emotionally and psychologically damaging as what Spencer (and hell, the rest of the girls even) have been put through.

Of course, this leads into what is gonna happen next. We're meant to believe that Spencer just went out of her mind because of this, that this was what was planned by "A" to break the circle of the girls one by one. But what if Spencer has a plan, or is attempting to create one while in Radley in order to get answers? I mean, she has nothing else to lose now, right? "A" has taken everything away from her.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ I can't stress enough on how amazing Troian has been in these last several episodes. Her acting is outstanding in portraying this side of Spencer, just worn down and broken. A++++

++ Emily's refusal to believe the truth about Toby. Imagine hearing that someone who has been a good friend for a long time has been someone who has committed horrible acts, some of which have been against yourself and those around you. Imagine having to come to terms with that reality. It's unimaginable and you'd be completely in denial, which is precisely where Emily was in this episode. Because out of all the girls, Spencer and Emily were the ones who have been really close to Toby, and Emily had befriended him first so it would make sense that she wouldn't accept this possibility until investigating it for herself. Of course, now she just has to come to terms and accept that Toby is, in fact, not who they all thought he was.

++ Despite that what Hanna did will eventually come back to bite her, and usual these things often do, I like that Hanna is willing to do anything to protect her mother and vice versa. Although I do think that the video recording could have helped them because, yes Ashley did run Wilden over we hear the conversation where he basically threatens her. That's evidence right there.

++ Aria telling her mom about Maggie and Ezra's son. I didn't think she would, but she did, which was the right decision.

Things I didn't like:

++ There really wasn't much I disliked about this episode, to be honest. I'm just sort of wondering where certain characters are. Whatever happened with Lucas, and did he ever transfer out from the school and/or Rosewood? What about Jenna's whereabouts? Also where was Caleb or Paige? I mean, I know that the show doesn't always spotlight the secondary characters when they aren't meant to be focused on during something that doesn't concern them, but it would be nice to know where they are, y'know? We haven't heard any kind of talk about Jenna or Lucas for episodes now.

Overall: After reading the spoiler a while back about Spencer being sent away to Radley, it really was quite an episode to see how that happens. Now we just have to figure out where this all leads to and how she manages to get out, or if she will be forced there against her will considering her mental state at this point, or if she does, indeed, have something planned. We're reaching near the end of the season so things better start escalating in terms of the "A" situation and, most of all, with Toby. From the interview from hiatus they said that there's more to the story and I'm hoping to get to that before the season is over.
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