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++ Lost Girl has been renewed for a fourth season! \O/

++ For anyone who dares to know ahead of time, the episode titles for Game of Thrones S3.

++ The Hobbit: There And Back Again has been rescheduled to be released in December of 2014, instead of the original premiere date of July. I am very happy with this change, since I always thought that having the next two movies released so close together was kind of strange. Plus, it makes more sense to have all the movies released in the winter, just as the LOTR movies were. Got to keep with that tradition. Even though I know many hate waiting longer, but at least we have more extended time between the next two films with plenty more time to be obsessed over it! And also to prolong what the third movie is gonna bring, which I am so not prepared for, tbh.

(BTW, does anyone know any decent place for Hobbit icons? It seems that the fandom is much bigger on Tumblr than it is here on LJ, so perhaps that is one of the reasons of the severe lacking of any kind of activity. I just want a decent and pretty Thorin icon....)
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