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Lost Girl: "There's Bo Place Like Home" Episode Review

Lost Girl 3.07 "There's Bo Place Like Home"

I liked this episode, mostly in the sense that we see closure in regards to Bo and her adoptive mother.

In the end, she just let all that anger and resentment go, and just made peace with everything. She reassured her mother that she was doing well for herself, that she was surrounded by a new family made up of people who loved her and would do anything for her. She made sure to let her mother know that despite everything, she wanted to focus on the good instead of the bad from the past. And the best part? Is that her mother accepted this. That tearful goodbye was a great way of ending their little visit.

As for Bo's Rite of Passage, obviously the training is going to be more challenging than just passing the threshold test. Also, her Super Succubus abilities are definitely a major factor in this. I equate her true nature coming into play is part of evolution vs devolution aspect of the Dawning; whether or not she can control herself is key, or if the Under Fae blood cells are to overpower her.

Also, it was a matter of time before having to approach Kenzi about why she went to the Norn. Now we have until the next episode to see how all that is revealed, and how Bo is going to handle it.

Because quite frankly, we know that Dyson loves her. And that she also loved Dyson. But Bo is with Lauren now, and he respects this and is staying away, knowing that it would hurt her to know the truth and doesn't want things to get weirder and more complicated. So it really is up to Bo whether knowing what Kenzi did is going to change anything. The show has been very good with handling her relationship with Lauren in a mature manner, hopefully they'll continue that route.
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