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Pretty Little Liars: "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.22 "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?"

As Spencer spends her time at Radley, the girls have to wait until her evaluation is done so they can figure out a way to get her out of there. Meanwhile, Hanna and her mom have to deal with the reality that Detective Wilden is alive, but acting like nothing ever happened while in public, but they all know the truth, and the horrible thought about having to leave Rosewood in order to avoid any further harassment from him. And Aria tries to help Ezra find a stable job while juggling his new responsibilities.

Spencer Hastings: Even the strong break...
"I fell down in the woods. When I was running, I fell down and I saw my hand, and my sleeve, and the little button on my sleeve, and some dirt and an old acorn and I said to myself, okay, if this is the last thing you ever see? I can handle that. I'm done. I've had enough. Be it wasn't the last thing that I saw. I just kept...going. How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change inside to survive? Who do you have to become?"

When she spoke during the evaluation, it was truly heartbreaking. The poor thing just can't catch a break, can she?

There comes a breaking point to everyone, even for the seemingly strongest link of a group. Spencer reached hers, and when she was describing what she felt when she was wandering around the woods alone, that feeling of just giving up, of wanting it all to end, it was devastating. But also rather true to those who went through something so horrible that they just literally want to shut everything down. Spencer is tired of being someone's punching bag. She's tired of the shit she (and her friends) are constantly being put through, and she's tired of the charade. She had something taken away from her, something she valued and trusted, and when that wall broke she broke along with it. In a sense, she just wants out of everything. Like, what else can be taken away from her? How further down can she fall?

This brings up the visit from Mona and what she presented to Spencer. It appeared that she went there to gloat, but instead we have something interesting.

Mona practically flashed the evidence of Alison's belongings right in front of Spencer's face, basically saying she has all the answers to every question she's ever had in regards to "A" and the mysteries of what happened to Alison. She also brought up that night when she offered to allow Spencer on the "A" Team, suggesting that had she not turned it down she wouldn't have gotten to the place where she is now. What, exactly, does this mean? Is Mona giving Spencer another chance to accept the offer, by giving her an out of the situation she's in? Does she have something else planned? What is her goal, precisely?

At the end of the episode during the evaluation, Spencer is talking about not being the person she once was, and wondering how does one change in order to survive something horrible. She then envisions her three best friends sitting around and listening to her, and basically says to them that she's no longer the person that they think she is anymore and that she cannot be trusted.

Is this foreshadowing something that she's contemplating about joining the "A" Team as a form of survival, or was this simply her acknowledging that she has, in fact, changed and that she's not well under the extreme circumstances of her situation?

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Again, superb performance by Troian. She continues to make Spencer break my heart.

++ It appears that Pastor Ted wants to help Ashley out with whatever is troubling her. I think he suspects it has something to do with Wilden, given his brief glance at the police station before asking her if there was anything he could do if she was in trouble. Because he does really like her, I think he might try to help out while she's away regardless.

++ Wilden reappearing makes whatever happened to him even more mysterious. He acts like he hasn't been hurt, and he hasn't reported anything to anyone. This means he has something else to hide, and also by reporting what happened it would mean an investigation which, judging from the car video, isn't something he wants anyone else to see.

++ Mona playing the innocent facade in front of the girls while still remaining smug. She's possibly my favorite antagonist on the show at the moment because of this.


Things I didn't like:

++ The pacing seemed a bit strange in the episode. Like, certain scenes would be cut weirdly back and forth, but that could just be me.

Overall: We're getting close to the wire here, and I'm anticipating how this season will end. I'm hoping it's worth everyone's while.
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