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13 March 2013 @ 04:22 am
Pretty Little Liars: "I'm Your Puppet" Episode Review  
Pretty Little Liars 3.23 "I'm Your Puppet"

As her friends are trying to find out the truth about the John Doe the police found in the woods to prove that it isn't Toby, Spencer remains at Radley piecing together clues that Mona left behind. Which brings forth a quite shocking revelation to her character. Meanwhile, Aria and Hanna have run-ins with "A" once again messing with their lives.

The Only Way To Know Your Enemy, Is To Play Their Game

I knew it! I called it!

Spencer agreed to join the "A" Team.

Certainly as a survival tactic. She doesn't want to hurt her friends, she doesn't want to play these malicious games that she knows can get people seriously hurt or even killed, but if it's the only way to get inside information, then by all means she's going to take the bait. She literally has nothing else to lose at this point. She's been approached by Mona twice now, so why not use that to her advantage? This is probably the closest she'll ever get to real answers about things. And realistically speaking, it really is the only leverage any of them have to getting the truth. They've tried playing it safe, they've tried to get ahead of "A", but every time they think they've stumbled across some kind of evidence "A" is always several steps ahead of them. So this seems like the only solution. Is it safe? Probably not, but for Spencer it's the only way out of everything they've all been suffering.

This even gets me to thinking about those recruited. Why did Mona approach Spencer the way she did? Because out of all the girls, Spencer was the only one approached with this particular offer. Is this how others were recruited, as well? Is this how "A" became a team of people? What are the requirements, who decides who gets to be on the team? There are so many questions about this particular side, and thankfully, now that Spencer has joined, we get an all-access pass to see what goes on behind the curtain.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Spencer being all investigative. Naturally, this was because she had already agreed to joining the "A" team and perhaps this was to prove that she could be as sneaky and catching onto things and able to do whatever it is she needed to do as motivation. Discovering the things she did, the window, the room with all of Mona's mementos, all which was a set-up to the reveal of why she was doing all of this. It wasn't just to see how Mona got in and out, but because this was to show her the way to her first assignment as the new member of the "A" Team: being taking Ezra's son to the carnival. All of that was brilliantly done, bravo show.

++ The Alison flashback was startling. We'd seen little moments of her being vulnerable before, but this really makes you wonder what really did happen to her. Also, Spencer hallucinating and seeing Alison at Radley. I love it when they do stuff like that, although it makes me hope that they do the twin reveal because, given these little hints and nudges, it would all make sense.

++ Hanna trying to help Caleb, which is something she always does no matter what. I like that their relationship is all about helping each other regardless. But of course, they got caught in an "A" trap once again, and it's super sad because just once you'd think they'd catch a break.

++ Aria contemplating taking a break from Ezra. I'm not just saying this because I've never liked their relationship, but it seems right for her at the moment to really just break things off to clear her head, and for him to clear his too.

Things I didn't like:

++ I so badly wanted Wren to be revealed as the bad guy. I so desperately wanted him to have been the one to authorized and help Mona carry out her little acts, but unfortunately that didn't happen and I'm pissed. MAKE HIM A BAD GUY SHOW. MAKE HIM A BAD GUY SO HE CAN GO AWAY.

++ I don't want Toby to be dead. ;__; Please, don't be dead. I don't think he is, but what if, because he was found out, that the ringleader of the "A" Team decided to do away with him? There has to be more to the story, since the last we saw of him was at Spencer's house when she caught and confronted him, so there's got to be more than just him abandoning post. Hence why Spencer joining is crucial, she has to find out what happened. If the body the police found with Toby's tattoo is just a decoy, if Toby is elsewhere being held. Just, gah! This is killing me. We have to know! :O

Overall: Shit is getting real, y'all. There was always talk about one of the girls being on the "A" Team, and while many speculated that Aria would be one of them (which those theories are mighty convincing, let me tell you), Spencer joining works perfectly in the context of what is happening. What will the reactions of her friends be? What will happen? How is Cece, Melissa and Mona involved in all of this, and why? So many questions, so little time to answer them all. Which is why I'm thankful that they have a fourth season, which will be airing this summer!
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Tinkagwaevalarin on March 14th, 2013 02:41 pm (UTC)
I agree that joining the A Team makes perfect sense for Spencer, especially in her situation with nothing left to lose.
But it has me worried too. A isn't stupid. They know exactly why Spencer agreed. So everything Spencer does is probably part of A's plan. And I'm afraid they will manipulate her to the point where she may become an actual A Team member against her will.
Like you say, A has always been several step ahead of the girls. I'm convinced it won't be any different this time.

What I like about this scenario is that Toby probably ended up where he did in a similar way. So Spencer's own A Team experience may help her understand why Toby did what he did better.

Talking about Toby: As long as they keep showing us nothing but the Tattoo, I won't believe that he is dead. There has to be more to the story, why else would they be dragging this out like that. Then again, maybe that's exactly what they want us to believe. You never know with this show.
Either way, Toby's story won't be over until we know his reasons.

Toby being held somewhere is my favourite theory at this point. But that's at least partly the shipper in me speaking, who still sees a chance for Spencer and Toby in that scenario.

I hope we will know more next week. I can't wait months to find out.

I loved the Alison flashback. I don't think we've ever seen her look that young and vulnerable before.

May I ask why you dislike Wren so much? Is there a specific reason? Just curious.
Renée: Pretty Little Liars. Emily.rogueslayer452 on March 15th, 2013 01:08 am (UTC)
And I'm afraid they will manipulate her to the point where she may become an actual A Team member against her will.
Like you say, A has always been several step ahead of the girls. I'm convinced it won't be any different this time.

Yeah, especially when Mona practically dangled having all the information that she has been seeking in front of her, it's obvious that "A" will be using Spencer's alliance with them to their advantage, basically making her go against her friends which might break them all apart -- which is what "A" has been wanting all along. ANd when you consider how the girls have always had each other's backs regardless, that their friendship is unbreakable, this will be a huge betrayal that will shock them all.

Unless Spencer has a particular plan in her head to outsmart the "A" Team, if this is what happens she will possibly break even further than she already has been. :(

What I like about this scenario is that Toby probably ended up where he did in a similar way. So Spencer's own A Team experience may help her understand why Toby did what he did better.


One of the things I have found interesting is how those who are recruited have their own reasons for joining. Because of Spencer joining, we'll probably get more insight on how the "A" circle is brought together, how it operates, who else is involved and what their individual purpose is.

I also don't believe Toby is gone because, if he was, we would have seen his face instead of the tattoo. There is still much left to his story.

Also, is it strange for me to want Toby and Spencer together in the "A" Team? Like, for some reason because of everyone having their own motives for joining, much like Spencer has, I still want to believe that once having a clarity of his reasons and learning more on his story, there might be a better understanding of him as a person and the possibility of them starting over in a newfound kind of relationship is possible? idk, my shipper heart is kind of taking over a bit, but in my head there's an AU where Toby and Spencer were already in the "A" Team and fell in love there, but have to remain secretive with it and just, yeah.

May I ask why you dislike Wren so much? Is there a specific reason? Just curious.

He just rubs me the wrong way.

I didn't initially dislike him. But him continuing to be around is awfully suspicious, never mind that he keeps on getting in the way of characters and their relationships. He cheated on Melissa. He was persistent on moving in on Spencer even though she was still seeing Toby, even recently with the whole "oh you're no longer with Toby that means I get a shot!" He did the same thing with Hanna, too. He acts like a big Nice GuyTM, and I just don't like that.
Tinka: Castielgwaevalarin on March 15th, 2013 05:40 pm (UTC)
I guess we'll have to wait and see who will outsmart whom in the end. Spencer or A.

About Toby:
Thing is, one of the reasons I love Toby's storyline so much, is that he was the outsider everyone avoided, who most people even thought was dangerous. Until someone - first Emily, then Spencer - decided to give him a chance. And soon it turns out that this guy everyone "knows" is bad news, is actually one of the kindest and most supportive people on the entire show.

That's also why I loved the one line from Spencer's mother: "Is Toby not who we thought he was." WE. Until that moment I hadn't been fully aware how far Toby really has come, how much he is (was) now accepted by everyone. Just by being himself.

And that's why, ultimately, I want Toby to still be Toby. Because I don't want that destroyed.

About Wren:
Fair enough. Overall, I still feel neutral-positive about him, but some of the things he does rub me the wrong way too. His move on Spencer so shortly after she broke up with Toby and was clearly struggling definitely didn't get him any bonus points.