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Lost Girl 3.09 "Ceremony"

Quite an interesting episode, which sheds more light on Bo's succubus nature and her identity as to who her father was.

She passed the Dawning, which in itself was rather a self-discovery kind of quest, that unless she figured things out and retrieved the key that could get her out of the Temple, she could have been lost forever and, thus, devolve into an Under Fae. But because she's Bo, and with the assistance of Dyson, she was able to defeat the tricks of the Temple and pass her Dawning ceremony. But that doesn't mean her struggles are over, since it has allowed certain things to surface.

It appears that she can control her Super Succubus ability (at least without passing out), though it is curious as to the things she says when she's in that mode. Nobody has commented on it yet on the show, but clearly Trick has figured out that she is referring to her biological father, and that he's bad news. During her time in the Temple, Bo did get a small glimpse into what happened when her mother took her to be raised by humans. Now I'm actually curious as to why.

All this, plus the Wanderer thing and Tamsin being a Valkyrie, is all connected to something bigger. Bo's Dawning was just the beginning of what may be starting with all of that.

Oh, and yay for Kenzi being in this episode, and being a fiercely loyal friend. As always. ♥ BESTIES FOREVER.

Revenge 2.16 "Illumination"

As it turns out, Eli seems to be rather shady news.

Perhaps he's an entrepreneur, much like Ashley, in that he'll do whatever it takes to achieve a certain goal. He seems keen on playing a certain con on rich folks. He came there to pay respects, but stayed because he has found a great opportunity with the Graysons. Of course, he knows that Emily is really the Amanda he grew up with, and we know that she won't tell him the truth about why she switched her name or what she is really doing there, not without figuring out his own motive for arriving there. So it's going to be a game of them dancing around each other, wondering what the other has planned and how they are to proceed.

In a way I wanted them to at least be on the same side, or at least him understanding that she may have her reasons and he can do whatever con he wants just as long as it's elsewhere. But it's never quite that easy, and he has the advantage over her since he knows her true identity. This could get interesting, or he could just get in the way of things.

As for Jack, I just want him someone to tell the entire truth to him. I keep saying it because it's torture just watching him wandering around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to piece together this entire disoriented web of everything complicated that has happened. I know that Emily and Nolan are just trying to protect him, but he's angry and hurt and full of desperation and he will do anything to get to the truth, or what he thinks is the truth, and just keeping it from him is only going to do more damage than good.

So, Falcon. A new suspect behind the orchestration of David Clarke's fate, among other things the Initiative has done.

All I know is that I want more Emily and Nolan teaming up to gain the destruction on whoever it is. And Aiden, too. OT3, kicking ass, taking names and getting vengeance.
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