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Pretty Little Liars: "A dAngerous gAme" Season Finale Review

Pretty Little Liars 3.24 "A dAngerous gAme"

The third season of Pretty Little Liars goes out with a bang as we are given answers to some of the burning questions we've been having all season, along with slowly unraveling the mysteries that still lurk and taunt around the girls.

The Rekindling of Toby and Spencer

Perhaps one of the biggest things to happen in the episode, at least for me, is seeing Toby and Spencer reuniting after everything that has happened.

Just his face, his eyes and his entire expression as soon as he realized that Spencer was behind the black hoodie, all of that was absolutely genuine. He was shocked, caught off guard. That is what made this reunion for me, because instantly it wasn't about playing games anymore but it was about the emotional turmoil that both of them have been put through. They love each other, and with all the lies and deceits and secrets, there were no more boundaries between them anymore. Everything was just pure raw emotion, from Spencer questioning him to him telling her that what they had was real, that he joined similarly for the reason why Spencer joined. You can't fake that. There's no possible way to fake all of that kind of emotion and reaction. Which I feel was precisely why Spencer setup that meeting; to see if what Mona was saying about delivering Toby as her "reward" was true, and if it was, if he truly loved her like she always believed he did or that he was just playing a part when they were together. Well, she got her answer.

Granted, I do think things reconciled a little too quickly. There's still much between them that they need to discuss, like getting more into detail about when and joined and for how long he's been playing this up for. There's also the bit where he does have another reason for being on the "A" Team, other than just for protecting Spencer. There's just too much left unexplained, but I figure that's for another time. For a separate episode altogether (an arc for next season, y/y?)

This finale was about bringing them back together, and my blissfully happy shipper heart skipped with joy. I'm just happy that they're finally back together. ♥

The Mystery of Red Coat

I'm loving the Red Coat mystery more and more.

For those who have read, or is familiar with the details of, the books knows of the twin thing, which the show has been slightly alluding to but hasn't confirmed or denied anything on keeping that on track as part of the reveal, possibly to keep even fans of the books guessing on what they're going to do next.

In the show, the mystery of Red Coat started since the finale of last season. Someone mysteriously showed up the the mental hospital where Mona was sent to wearing a red coat. The producers then stated that "Red is the new Black", which was foreshadowing that Red Coat was going to be the new mystery for the girls to figure out. We've seen this person wearing a red coat throughout the season, in window and mirror reflections, disappearing in the background, etc. This person is wearing a red coat and appears to have long, blonde hair, similar to Alison's hair. She is described as being the "one in charge" of the "A" Team. It is made clear that she is the one that calls the shots on how certain things go down, and that Red Coat is quite unpredictable and dangerous. But it is also revealed that nobody, not even Mona, knows who Red Coat truly is.

After the girls are rescued from the fire, Hanna wakes up to see Alison wearing the red coat hovering over her, concerned. But then she blinks and she's gone. Except, Mona says she saw that Alison was Red Coat too, as did Spencer.

This is similar to how the girls have seen Alison throughout the entire show. Either in dreams or what they think is hallucinations, they all claim to have seen Alison and that her presence felt so real. Never mind that every time that they see Alison, she is there to either offer advice or to comfort them in some way. Here is the same thing. They were all saved from the fire. So what could this mean? Is Alison still alive? Is she Red Coat? If she is, is she the ringleader, or just pretending to be so she can stop the real person behind the mask?

Furthermore, what is the connection between Jenna, Shana and Melissa? How do they factor in all of this? Are they involved somehow with Red Coat, or are they separate in their own little revenge against the girls or possibly those involved in the "A" Team?

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Spencer basically using her brains in using her new status as being part of the "A" Team to outsmart Mona. She had to do horrible things in order to gain that level of trust, unfortunately, but the outcome was great to get her friends to realize that she was part of it and that they could find a way to contact her without Mona knowing about it. This was perhaps the best part of the whole scheme for me. Even though I still wish we could have had more time with Spencer being secretive with her being the new "A" and having to hide that from her friends, it was a great intro for us to see that this, among her curiosity about finding out what happened with Toby, was the only way they could ever get ahead of the "A" game.

++ Also, idk if it's just me, but Spencer looked really hot decked out in the "A" uniform. All black, black eye make-up, her hair up in that ponytail. She had the dark, mysterious look and I really loved it so much on her.

++ Aria and Ezra breaking up. I admit to not really being fond of this relationship, but I feel like, had Spencer not intervened with kidnapping Malcolm, Aria and Ezra still would have broken up anyway because their entire relationship just took a massive turn once the whole thing with his son came into play. I feel like Aria did the mature thing (for once between them) to break it off because they aren't the same anymore. They have to figure shit out and, with him taking on new responsibilities, it will be beyond difficult for them to keep their relationship afloat with all of that hovering over them.

++ Mona getting a message from "A" like the rest of the girls at the end, meaning she's one of them now. She's been booted off and is back at square one. In my honest opinion, I really want to see them collaborating together in the future because of this. All season it's been Mona versus the girls, and with this finale they kind of worked together. Under duress and freaking out because of the fire and Red Coat sure, but I want them to resign and realize that they are all now being tormented by this new "A" amongst them.

++ TOBY IS ALIVE AND WELL (as expected, tbh) AND HE AND SPENCER RECONCILED AND THEY HAD SEXYTIMES AND ARE BACK TOGETHER AND EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL. ♥ ♥ I already mentioned all I needed to say about their reunion above, but it just makes me so happy. MY OTP, MY PRECIOUS BBS, BACK TOGETHER. :D :D :D

++ Hanna referencing Nikita. A+ :)

++ Also, Hanna getting jealous and hating on the fact that Shana seems to hit on all the girls except her. Oh Hanna bb, never change.

++ Red Coat. Love it, love the mystery of her, can't wait for the ultimate reveal (whenever that comes.)

++ Jenna, Melissa and Shana working together with their own agenda. It's unclear on precisely their purpose is right now, but we've been speculating something has been up with Jenna and Melissa for the longest time and now we finally got a little bit of insight of just how much damage they're willing to do. Jenna has her motives, as does Melissa, since they're both connected with the night of Alison's disappearance. But I'm wondering how Shana factors into this at all? Hmmm.

++ I'm kind of loling at people who think Shana and Jenna are together romantically. I mean, it would be interesting if they were, but I don't think that's what's happening. I just think that they befriended each other and Shana is helping Jenna out. Especially now that it seems that she may be going blind again.

++ That cliffhanger. I wonder what was in the trunk. A dead body? If so, whose? I'm partially wondering if it's Cece. Either her or Wilden. (Also, am I the only one wondering how on earth someone got a cop car out from the lake into the middle of Rosewood without anyone noticing? Is Rosewood absolutely dead at night, with nobody around to see it?)

Things I didn't like:

++ This isn't something I dislike, but I just wished that we could have spent more time on certain things. It felt like it was a bit rushed on particular issues. I mean, I get it, we only had one hour to wrap up the season, but still. I feel like had the first half of the season not been lackluster in many areas we could have gotten a bit more material to be unraveled.

Things I'm confused about:

++ If Mona doesn't know the identity of Red Coat, who was she talking to at the end of S2, who also had on a red coat?

++ The waitress at the diner was the same one who called the "A" from the previous season "pretty eyes" -- the one that paid off Dr. Sullivan for leaving and not talking to the girls. In this episode, she calls Toby "pretty eyes". Are we to assume that Toby was also the one who was at the diner last season? Or does that waitress call anyone who has pretty eyes that nickname, also to kind of give a little callback to that particular thing? This episode did give a number of parallels to previous episodes.

Finale/Season Overall: This finale ended on a positive note for me, personally speaking. I really enjoyed it. The second half of the season really kind of made up for what the first half was lacking, which was the mystery and continuing of the "A" storyline. Some things got resolved and some questions were answered, but not all of them and even more questions are arising as we're getting new information about what is happening in regards to "A", who is involved, who is in charge, and who else might have a grudge against these girls. I'm hoping that next season will give us more on the things that we didn't cover in the finale, including more about Toby and his story.

Pretty Little Liars returns for its summer premiere in June, which is three months away. They've already begun filming, so I honestly can't wait to see what the fourth season has in store.
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