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Lost Girl: "Delinquents" Episode Review

Lost Girl 3.10 "Delinquents"

I felt this episode was less about the actual case and more with the tension building up to what is coming. To which I have some suspicions and speculations on what this something could be.

The person who is hunting down Bo is her biological father.

He may be behind the reason why Bo's Dawning happened so soon before she had any time to prepare, as something of a test to see where her limits lie and how special she seems. From her vision during her time in the Temple to her Super Succubus abilities, it all seems to fit into what could possibly be that she is being groomed for something much bigger and darker to her origins. We don't know who her father is and what he wants, but it's certainly not good.

This leads me to hoping that not only will her father show up towards the end, but that her mother will too.

Also, Tamsin is considered a bounty hunter. It seems that she cannot choose her jobs or predict who will be chosen to be brought in, hence her reaction once Bo drew that card a couple episodes back, and why it is following her around. She desperately wanted it to not be true and has been avoiding the inevitable, but unfortunately even if she doesn't want to do it (which it's clear she doesn't), she has no choice in the matter. She just broke my heart in this episode. She actually likes Bo, she has grown to have affection for her. She defended Bo to her friend and mentor, much like the way she refused to give Bo up to the Morrigan. This is what makes me love her, but my heart break for her at the same time because you know shit is going to go down. Especially since at the end of the episode, Bo is sensing something is off.

I will seriously be pissed of Tamsin doesn't survive the season. I have grown to love her so much.

As for the relationship between Bo and Lauren. Well. It's sad that they're taking a break, but given certain events things have been kind of leading up to this moment. Lauren does seem to be a bit exhausted with everything that's been going on, and while they've had this conversation before, being in a relationship with a Fae, a succubus no less, can't really be easy. They've tried, and it has worked so far. But at the moment things have been kind of crazy for both of them that a little space is necessary, at least for a little while.

Also, I don't understand why Bo couldn't have at least told Lauren about the shared kiss between her and Tamsin? It's not like it was anything scandalous, and it was a rather heat-of-the-moment things after an intense situation. But I think it's more of a testament to the kind of worlds they both live in. Again, it being hard and all of that.

But I feel like the kiss didn't really seal the deal. It was a startling thing for Lauren to hear, coming from Tamsin herself, but at the end of the day I think it was just on a pile of a lot of things that were already on Lauren's mind.

I'm still holding out for them, though. Well, for the ultimate OT4 (Bo/Lauren/Dyson/Tamsin) because honestly now.
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