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Two can keep a secret...

++ The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek happened a few days ago, to which has gotten me ridiculously excited for the movie to come out. THORIN AND THRANDUIL! LEGOLAS AND THRANDUIL! TAURIEL! DWARVES IN BARRELS! BARD THE BOWMAN! LAKETOWN! a;sfjd;alskfd;laskdf GIVE IT ALL TO ME NOW! *grabby hands*

++ Pretty Little Liars just got renewed for a fifth season (even though they've just starting to film their fourth), along with getting a spin-off series called Ravenswood. It shouldn't be surprising considering this show is considered widely popular and has a huge following of fans, but it still boggles the mind when things like that happen. I'm also curious about this sister series, which will have their own little mysteries going on. Fortunately, with the same staff working on it and hopefully a talented cast like with our four main Liars, it will be just as good as its predecessor.

++ Additionally, CBS has renewed Elementary for a second season. I mean, there wasn't any doubt in my mind this would happen, but it's still amazing news to hear nonetheless.

++ Game of Thrones and Doctor Who return this weekend! I am both excited and apprehensive for both, for different reasons of course.
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