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Once I own an army of slaves, what will I be?

Game of Thrones 3.01 "Valar Dohaeris"

I think possibly my favorite parts of this premiere were definitely the scenes with Margaery and Daenerys.

Margaery really showed the power of her character through her kindness, generosity, and intelligence in this political game. From her actions for spontaneously going to the orphanage to spread optimism and hope to her words at the dinner table, she presents herself as someone who is compassionate and knowledgeable about what is at stake with the position she's in. Just seeing her scenes in the premiere play out the way did made me love and appreciate this character even more. Which makes me excited to see her and Sansa's scenes.

And Daenerys, my precious Khaleesi. ♥

The scene with the Unsullied was wonderful, briefly giving the rundown of who these slave soldiers are and how much of a douchebag their master is (can't wait for his fate later.) Missandei is wonderful, can't wait to see more of her. I'm also loving how mature Daenerys seems. Just the way she holds herself and the way she communicates with others. When you compare her from the start of the show to where she is now, she has really grown up, and since I know what happens I'm anticipating what the show is going to bring with her storyline this season.

Oh, and the Sansa and Shae scene. Love them.

Needless to say, I loved the premiere. Here's to hoping that the rest of season three will deliver and be amazing.

Lost Girl 3.11 "Adventures in Fae-bysitting"

Is there something about suburban areas that attract women to want to get all witchcraft revengey? This seems to be a popular trope for some reason.

Regardless of that, there's a lot of setup of the bigger mystery being unveiled. The Wanderer, the mass grave of Fae being scattered about, which basically is another Fae doing these killings. Plus with Bo's early Dawning, her Super Succubus powers, and the mentioning of her father that she saw during her time in the Temple, I definitely think all these things are connected with each other. Leading me to believe that her father is clearly behind these events. What that is, I'm pretty sure we'll find out soon enough. This season has limited episodes than the previous season, so it'll certainly be an extended arc leading into the next season for sure.

I'm also calling this now: The guy who has been visiting Lauren is either Bo's biological father or is someone who works for her father.

It's hardly a coincidence that, with only like two episodes left in the season, that she would just leave her Fae work behind to go off like that. Without her cellphone, might I add. I know it's symbolic of her kind of having a life to herself outside of her working with the Fae, hence her taking off the pendant associated with the Ash and leaving it behind as well, but come on. Plus, considering her and Bo taking a break, I definitely think that Lauren will be used to draw Bo into whatever is happening because of their personal connection.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Best part of the episode though? Kenzi and Bo in the beginning watching a horror movie and basically yelling at the screen. Just seeing them all domesticated like the besties they are, hanging out watching crappy movies talking their girl talk. Love it. Also, it was the episode where they got to team up doing what they do again like old times! :D That made me happy.

You know those shows that you watch and love but sometimes you accidentally miss an episode, or that you just don't feel like watching it, not because you're bored with the show, but simply because you're just not in the right mood for sitting down and watching it at the moment, but you figure that it's okay, since you'll wait it out and marathon it all when it's done or when there's enough episodes for you to catch up on? Yeah, that's kind of where I am with a few of my shows right now. Revenge and Nikita are the two main ones at the moment. I'm also like this for Once Upon A Time, but for different reasons. I simply kind of fell out of watching it. I've been keeping up with what's been happening, but there's a fine line between what fandom thinks is happening to what is actually happening canonically. Because that fandom, oh lawd, it's all sorts of ridic.

But another reason I think this has happened is because I tend to rotate my fandoms, especially when I get into new ones or old ones are coming back (Vikings, Game of Thrones, and soon The Borgias and Defiance.) There's just far too many to keep track of that the only option is to hold off until I have the time and energy to watch everything else.

This is just a musing of my television watching, really.
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