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NEW SHOW ALERT: Defiance (Syfy)


Defiance feature-length trailer

Second trailer

"New Earth, New Rules" Promo

"No Place Like Home" Promo

"Civilization" Promo

"This Place" Promo


Making of Defiance: Nolan and Irisa Character Intros

Making of Defiance: Amanda and Kenya Character Intros

Making of Defiance: Tarrs vs McCawleys Character Intros

Making of Defiance: Cultures, Makeup and Languages

Making of Defiance: Writing, Cinematography and Music

Making of Defiance: Sets and Environments

To give a quick rundown, as seen in the promotional material, this is a science fiction immigrant story, a tale of both human and various alien races and cultures living on a new, post-apocalyptic Earth, preserving what they've got left as they rebuild their lives in the town of Defiance while learning to coexist peacefully with one other.

It has elements of Firefly and Farscape quality, particularly with the latter since the developer of Defiance also created Farscape. Considering how intricate and detailed everything is, from the characters and different cultural backgrounds and looks of the alien races, to the environment that they'll be living in and their relationships with each other, I'm wondering if this will become the new big science fiction show on Syfy. Some of the crew from Battlestar Galactica are working on this new show, including Bear McCreary, who will be scoring the soundtrack (:D !!! ♥ ♥ ♥), and the main cast ensemble is made up of such a lovely group of actors (Julie Benz, Jamie Murray, Tony Curran, etc.) I seriously hope that Syfy knows that they've got something fascinating here, and that they don't give up on it like they've done with their previous shows. I seriously want to see where this will lead to, since it has potential has looks very promising in its content and characters and story.

Defiance premieres April 15th on the Syfy Channel.
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