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++ Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart appeared on Tabletop this week! I'm a huge fan of both these lovely ladies, so it was a pleasant surprise that they were featured in an episode, providing their usual dose of hilarity and puns, naturally. ♥

++ Vikings got picked up for a second season! \O/

++ Official Best of Warehouse 13 recap video, which is basically a quick rundown of what the show is about, from who the characters and what they do, etc. While it does reveal what happened in the finale to make way for the next season, it is basically non-spoilery for most things. Definitely entertaining for fans (esp for the Myka/HG fans out there for the little nudge-wink mention), and also for people who want to check out what the show is about as well. Which, of course, I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it yet since it is really a fantastic show.
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