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House M.D.: "Acceptance" and "Autopsy" Episode Reviews

Two reviews, one entry, double the snark. Could anything be more better?

House M.D. -- 2.1. "Acceptance" (Second Season Premiere)
Welcoming back Doctor Snarky McSnark that is Gregory House! Amongst the major squeeage and shameless swooning over that blue-eyed mystery man that is Hugh Laurie, which I'll get to later in this segment, I finally have gotten around to reviewing the premiere episode of House M.D. second season. And oh boy, what a premiere it was.

Death Row Lockdown

Perhaps the difficult situation in this episode is the fact that there's a Death Row inmate (played by LL Cool J), where House and his posse of Ducklings have to treat, even though he's extremely violent. Although the most difficult thing about this case is that they have to figure out how to cure this man from dying medically so he can return to the hellhole that'll kill him execution-style soonly after. Ethical reasoning need no apply here, so take note Cameron.

The Inmate verses Foreman scenes were quite wonderfully played out, considering that Foreman did have a record many years ago. Just goes to show that an individual can change their life around if they do so choose to. There's not much to tell about Foreman's past, although House knows more about that since he looked through his file before hiring him on his team, however him asking advice from Chase does in fact say that the inmate had an affect on him. I'm beginning to think Foreman recalls certain moments of his past life and the lifestyle he lived or could've lived in. In any case, those scenes were nicely performed, both by Omar Epps and LL Cool J.

Dr. House, International Man of Snark

How do the writers on the show keep up? Seriously, this premiere episode had more snarky remarks and witticisms that had me continuously giggling and at certain points laughing out loud.

House versus the Goody-Two-Shoes secetary/assistant boy. Love! We need to see more of him, only because it's Bryce Johnson who played Josh on Popular, but also because he could become very useful in the future, I predict.

Whiteboard of the Masses! I loved that House scolded Cameron for using his markers on his whiteboard. And when House was bringing in the Death Row inmate and Cuddy angrily shouting his name, his "Ruh-Roh!" imitation of Scooby-Doo reaction was hilarious! Of course, the House vs. Cuddy snarkaging is always fun to watch -- aside from the Stacy situation, which I believe makes House a little uncomfortable but still able to use his witty remarks to his advantage.

Having a hospital lunch while watching General Hospital inside a comatose patient's room -- priceless! "Bros before hos!"

House communing with Inmate Patient over alcoholic drinks was, in fact, genius. Which resulted into having one hell of a hangover the very next morning, which that resulted into having the Cool!Sunglasses. The overall House-isms in this episode is overwhelming to perfection. This show never fails to have the dramatic effect and also keep the audience laughing at House's coldly bitter but highly amusing antisocial comments and behavior. Hugh Laurie, you so desvered an Emmy. We cannot let your snark go to waste!

Cameron, Cameron, Cameron...

First of all, I love the new hairstyle. I may not like the character but Jennifer Morrison is really very pretty and I think the highlights really bring out her eyes. But enough of the beautifying moments of the Pretty People on the show, let's talk about Cameron's problem. What problem you ask? Oh, where do I begin....

Despite the fact that House had allowed Cameron to have her job back because she is a relatively good doctor and belongs on his team (aside from her bribing him into going out on a date with her in order to accept his offer in returning), Cameron still hasn't learned on having to tell patients that they are terminally ill. She's had problems with this before, but she still hasn't learned. She cannot allow herself to become emotionally attached to patients. Yet, she still does. This leads to more House versus Cameron moments, in which some would believe it to be sexual tension when it really is just tension between two individual that disagree on a particular stance. This stance happens to be about ethical reasoning.

So, when Whiny Cameron discusses the patient's testing that House must run, which I don't see the benefit in doing when the X-Rays truly show the real damage in which she's too blind to accept, she once again brings up her and House's "relationship". That she's over him. Good honey, because he's not over his ex-girlfriend yet and I'm pretty sure he won't be accepting house-warming phone calls anytime soon from you.

I don't want to dislike Cameron, because she really is a good doctor and does belong on House's team; she is one of the Ducklings. However, it's because of her irrational emotional state in which she cannot let go of dwelling in the past. She dwells over her ex-husband (where she tells Wilson who, finally, tells her to get a backbone about the entire patient situation) and she dwells over not getting House. I would like her if she would just accept the fact that she made the decision to marry a terminally ill man and she wants to have another dysfunctional relationship with someone she knows she cannot or ever will have. I want to like her, but she just annoys me. In this episode, especially.

House Snarks, Cuddy Snarks

Once again, entertainment between these two are hilarious when they're snarking at one another. Just thought that needed repeating for those that haven't gotten that memo. Yay, snarkiness!

Overall: Excellent premiere episode to a soon-to-be spectacular season. The comedic witticisms, House and Cuddy snarkisms, Stacy's unmoving forehead, and with the Ducklings glancing at each other in amusement or in a 'WTF?' reations, everything's all good. All good, all the time. House is back, whoo-hoo! :D

House M.D. -- 2.2. "Autopsy"
In this highly-dramatic and bittersweet episode of House you'll witness the excessive bitter-side of our favorite snarky doctor (more than usual, I should say), Chase being all woobified and cute with the little girl patient, cercum-sized penises being chopped off, and stuffy-nosed House snorts up Vicodin. This episode is another HIGH-larious hour of fun!

Sore Beginnings

Our introduction starts off with the cancer girl patient at home, placing a blonde curly wig onto her head and singing along to Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" -- highly appropriate for this episode. She starts taking out all sorts of pills and starts to inject herself with some medication via a needle....and then she stops abruptly, the ground and walls start to shake and things start to crash all around her. We're expected to believe there's an earthquack, when reality settles in and she's staring at her hand. It's bleeding, and the mirror is broken. Everything else in the bathroom is perfectly fine. She just had a hallucination, something that isn't uncommon when we're dealing with general House cases. Then we cut to....

...House sneezing! At least he doesn't have the hangover anymore from the premiere episode, which would've really been hell. Hugh Laurie does a fantabulous job in facial expressions when he's about to sneeze. So, House is all snuffled up and there's a case waiting for him. He doesn't want to, naturally, and also because he's miserable with a cold (or something that makes one sneeze). But of course, he's going to have to take it. Since there's obviously something mysteriously wrong with the diagnosis -- and if there's something wrong, House is the man to solve the puzzle. Because that's what he does best, aside from snarking up a storm.

Whiteboard crisis averted! Okay, so House is allowing Cameron to use his precious whiteboard only because he's too sniffly to actually pick up his markers. The hilariousness of Cameron's, "Oh, NOW you'll allow me to use your whiteboard" was nice.

Trouble in BFF Land?

House and Wilson are totally Best Friends Forever. Wilson is the only person in the world that understands and tolerates House -- maybe he doesn't necessarily understand House entirely, but enough to be his best friend (the massage-therapist woman in "Detox", anyone?) But in this episode, their friendship is tested when House disguises himself by cloaking his insecurities with unfeeling and emotionless for the brave little girl (Andi) that is their cancer probably-going-to-die-soon patient. House ridicules and calls this girl's bravery a symptom, and Wilson challenges this. They fight, or at least have an argument, and House says something really, really cold-hearted. Which results into Wilson saying painfully, "Go to hell." He really meant it. Wilson walks off, leaving House alone to think more about his loss of acceptance that a little 9-year-old girl could have so much bravery than he can.

Understandably after "Acceptance", House left Depression up on the whiteboard, and erased Acceptance. So I'm presuming that he did that for Cameron with her accepting to tell a patient that they were dying, but left Depression on the board for himself. Because House is still depressed, and now with Stacy working in the hospital it'll be more difficult for him. But the friendship between him and Wilson has always been strong, and I'm hoping that there won't be a rift between that.

However, when Wilson caught House chopping up his Vicodin with a razorblade and asked him if he was curing his cold with cocaine, that was very humorous and such a Wilson-thing to say. BFF forever, those two!

OH NOES!!1 Chases Kisses A Little Girl!!11!

Okay. Seriously, I really adored this scene. Andi, the little girl patient, is connecting with Chase when he's prepping her for a scan. She talks about how she's never been kissed and that she may not live long enough to experience one. I bet you can guess where this is going, I'm sure -- she asks him to kiss her. Chase reluctantly accepts, explaining their age difference and that it's inappropriate, but she has those pleading eyes. I was silently screaming at the screen, "Dude, just kiss her already! Kiss her!" And voila, he does a little soft peck on her lips. Yay for Chase adorableness!

Of course, there's plenty of people that are extremely wanking about this nonsexual kiss. Dudes, chill out! As inappropriate as it was for Chase's record at the hospital, it was incredibly bittersweet.

House figured it out long before the other Ducklings did, Foreman and Cameron's expressions were PRICELESS! Cameron's stiffled fits of laughter and Foreman's "oh no you didn't, bro" face was hilarious!
House: (to Chase) This is why you're not touching my markers.

The Operation of Fun

House is directing the highly dangerous operation on little Andi after having their cute little pep-talk about her decision to die or live, and he's almost making a game out of it. He does a band-like count down, yells commands from left and's sort of like Monopoly, I believe. I don't know. Some sort of game. Then Foreman says something they could try. House, in respone after pondering, says:
House: Disgusting and low-tech. Kiss me, I love it!
Hee! I love House and his blatant remarks. They temporarily drain the blood from the little girl, making her dead for approximately a few moments, and then repump her blood into her brain to see what the problem is -- if there is a problem. Foreman calls it, and that's the end of that.

Little Andi gets better, and everyone is happy. And she hugs House! Yay!

And House, in the very end of the episode, tests out a motocycle. Because he needs something real in his life that he can experience freedom without the pain, the torment, and the Vicodin.

Overall: Amazing heartwrenching episode, with tons of snarking and cold-heartedness. Classic House hour, and less Cameron interrupting House with her personal problems. See, if Cameron were more fun with personality as she is with her expressions then I'd like her. Chase was the adorable Puppy as he is, Foreman isn't being the jackass as he had been during the first half of the first season, and wowzas! Hugh Laurie has gorgeous blue eyes! I shall call him Gigantic Blue-Eyes now. Just, wow.

Whee! More House reviewing and more episodes to come. God, I love this show.
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