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Defiance: Series Premiere Review

Defiance 1.01 "Pilot" (Series Premiere)
"Nolan used to say that we're children of the Badlands. The wild open spaces where the weak are too afraid to go. It's towns that scare me, all the people jostling for space, sucking out the air until there's nothing left to breathe. Will we stay here? I don't know. My people have a God called Urzu. He has a path for each of us. Where it takes us is not always where we imagined. Nolan's people call it fate."

After hearing so much about this new series, I can officially say it has won me over after viewing the premiere. It exceeded my expectations for what I had, and it certainly has a lot of potential to become something grander and amazing.

The story itself is something that intrigues me right from the start. It's a post-apocalyptic tale about a terraformed Earth where humans and various alien races are trying to coexist with each other. The characters featured on the show are very different, many of them have a different sense of morality and power and territorial struggle which clash quite a bit. Which should be interesting seeing how these particular characters will evolve throughout the show as it gets going, seeing as how the pilot sets up this kind of dynamic between two powerful families within the town of Defiance. I also love the tale of the underdog, and a mixture of characters that are so different yet in the end they work together regardless.

And these characters, the fact that a pilot can make me love a handful of them so much already is really amazing, negl.

The one thing I love on this show, hands down, is definitely Nolan and Irisa's father-daughter relationship. We are introduced to them when the show opens, as most of the premiere is about them getting into Defiance and wondering whether or not they are going to be staying, giving this small town a chance, and just from their interactions it's clear that they have this really close bond. Nolan comes across is both a father and a mentor to Irisa, and she in turn possesses much of a teenage girl kind of attitude (re: opening scene with her giving him the silent treatment, plus having stubbornness and the disappointment of him not keeping his previous promises later in the episode) but is clearly very appreciative and loves him. Both are fiercely loyal to each other, they would do anything to protect the other and I just love seeing their relationship presented like that on the screen.

I'm also fascinated by the Tarr family, specifically the marriage between Datak and Stahma and how they interact with each other, and how deliciously devious they are concerning the politics and rules of their kind along with their status. Another thing is how there's this rivalry between Datak and Rafe McCrawley, which is driving a kind of manipulative game. I'm just interested in how things are gonna play out with this, how far these families are will to go, how far the Tarrs are willing to go to achieve whatever goal they have. Especially by using the relationship their son has with the McCrawley's daughter in order to meet that goal. Should be fascinating to watch all of that unfold as the season continues, and if the Tarrs and the McCrawleys will ever get along or will they just create more of a rift between each other in battling of the territories and of political power.

Of course, this being a pilot they are setting up a lot about this world and who these characters are, so not everything is answered immediately or gone into depth about certain things. Nevertheless, the premiere didn't feel like it crammed too much information, and it seemed to flow quite well in introducing everything so far. Plus, there seems to be some kind of conspiracy involved with the town of Defiance; someone wants something that is hidden within the town and this will no doubt be the ongoing mystery arc.

Overall, I really enjoyed the premiere of this new series. It has a lot of elements that I like. It sort of reminded me of Eureka with how certain things were introduced, adding in the fusion of Firefly and Farscape to the characters and world and situations. Hopefully if TPTB are smart, they'll take full advantage of this show and make it be as amazing as it can be. It could become the next big thing since Battlestar Galactica aired, which according to the ratings they hit big, bigger than they've had in years now. That's gotta say something, right?

Oh, and never mind that the soundtrack was simply phenomenal. Then again, when you have Bear McCreary working on something it's bound to be brilliant regardless. Just listen to the main theme. Two words: Gorgeously epic.

I highly recommend checking out Defiance if you are in need of something new to watch.
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