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Game of Thrones 3.05 "Kissed By Fire"

A good episode with a lot of great scenes.

Some of them were quite emotional, like the scene between Arya and Gendry, and Arya in general expressing her desperation and sadness for the family that she once had that is now been torn apart. Just hearing the way she tells Gendry that she could be his family broke my heart, especially when he gave her his answer. Another emotional scene was with Daenerys and the Unsullied, more specifically with the one called Grey Worm. When announcing to them that because they are free men, they can discard their slave names and choose whichever name they want that they shall wear with pride, and Grey Worm says that his current name is one that he wears with pride because it's the name he had when Daenerys freed him. You could see the emotion on her face and how it overwhelmed her. Even before, when she was being told about the meaning behind each Unsullied name. While a small scene, it was still very powerful. And then lastly, the scenes with Jaime and Brienne, from his reaction to hearing of King's Landing victory and his sister having survived and getting the stump of his arm cleaned, to what he tells Brienne in the bath. I loved everything about those scenes.

And of course, there's also the plotting and foreshadowing of future events that will be going down.

The planning of the wedding, or rather the scheming of weddings to occur. Sansa is just a chess piece being hovering about for these players in their political game of power. Basically her fate is being determined by individuals who see her as a gain to ruling, nothing more, and she has yet to face that reality (but she will soon enough), the poor thing. Interestingly enough, both Tyrion and Cersei are also being used in this sense as well, as Tywin ruthlessly makes these arrangements for them. Tyrion objects to marrying a child, and Cersei objects to being forced to marry yet again. But of course, their father has zero regard to their personal feelings on the matter.

We also had little bits between Jorah and Barristan, which is setting up for what will eventually happen to Jorah soon. Which I know has to happen because of what he did, but at the same time I hate it because I really like the dynamic Dany and Jorah have on the show. When he goes, "With all my heart" to Barristan's questions about whether he believed in Daenerys, it just my my heart hurt.

The entire basis of this episode was the looming factor of the many things that will be going down soon by the end of this season/heading into next season.

Also, I find it amusing that the previous episode didn't have any nudity in it whatsoever, whereas this episode was all about the nudity. Butts everywhere! Butts, tits and (tiny glimpse of) cock. lol

(Speaking of which, Jon/Ygritte! The cave! The Lord's kiss scene! :D)

Warehouse 13 4.11 "The Living and the Dead"

The mid-season premiere begins where everything left off, as to be expected. They are in the middle of a pandemic crisis with the sweating sickness been unleashed worldwide, and they are running against time to find a way to stop it.

This premiere gave us two things, an emotional storyline and introducing us to a new plot storyline.

The emotional aspect is what drives it all home, honestly. After everything that had occurred with Artie and the dual personality after him using the Astrolabe, resulting in him doing horrible things including killing someone that he cared about, the aftermath will certainly not be an easy road. Artie tries to ignore it, he wants to shut down and basically die and not face reality, but Claudia doesn't allow him to because despite everything she loves him, as does everyone else. And it's not just for him having to heal and fix himself after what was done, but everyone else having to deal with the aftermath of Leena's death. I'm hoping it will be dealt with, and it will be an ongoing thing for a while because you can't just bounce back from something like this. This isn't fixable like the other times they've used artifacts to go back in time or bring someone back to life, since what happened was a result of using an artifact for that very purpose.

So I'm hoping we see the lingering affects of this hovering over them and dealing with this grief in their own way over the course of S4.5.

The second thing is that they introduced is their new bad guy. Or rather, something quite curious and peculiar that will become their new mystery to solve. What that is exactly, we don't know. But I like that James Marsters was involved, being hilarious and using an accent again (bless). Also, Polly Walker! They both played with each other on Caprica together, so it's nice seeing them facing off once again on WH13. I also hear that Anthony Head will be on this show too, playing a villain in a sense, so that will be fun to see. Bring on all the BTVS alums, please. ;)

Overall, I'm glad my show is back. \O/
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