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Quick musing of shows.

Game of Thrones: I didn't watch the last episode, though I got the gist of what happened. I'm just waiting for the next episode because THE BEAR PIT and DANY. ♥

Hannibal: Everyone should be watching this show. I'm not just saying this because it's dangerously on the verge of not getting renewed (which I really hope it does), but also because it's a very, very good show, and very gorgeous too. Grotesquely gorgeous, in fact. Even if this isn't your preferred genre, it's still rather fascinating to watch. Someone said that it's very dreamlike, and indeed it is. Also, the best part about it is that you already know who Hannibal is and what he does. Everyone else around him is completely oblivious so it's just a matter of inside jokes with himself and the audience (ex. "It's always nice to have friends over for dinner.")

Defiance: Continues to be amazing. Also another show people should be watching if you aren't already. I pretty much love everything about the Tarr family, Stahma in particular because she is just so cunning and manipulative in a very calm, polite way. If she were to play the game of thrones, she would win hands down.

Elementary: Continues to be happy-making. JOAN AND SHERLOCK = FOREVER CHILDREN AND ADORABLE BFFS. ♥_♥ And we get Irene Alder this week! :D

Doctor Who: I haven't watched anything passed the Christmas episode, to be honest. It just hasn't really enthused me as it used to. I'm thinking once Clara's identity is revealed that will determine whether I will continue watching or not.
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