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Game of Thrones: "Second Sons" Episode Review

Game of Thrones 3.08 "Second Sons"

Daenerys has so much self-restraint when dealing with gross men who insult her.

Then again, she's dealt with these kinds of men who undermine and underestimate her person and all that she's accomplished thus far. She's developed a tough skin and has ways of dealing with them in such situations such as this particular negotiation with the captains of the Second Sons. The main leader, of course, was the most disgusting one and Daenerys, ever so graciously, tried to play things out during their conversation by getting straight to the point and never really reacting to what he says. Not until after they'd left, of course. Her bitchface is absolutely glorious. I kind of wished she'd used her dragons as intimidation again, but that was not the point of the meeting. She wasn't there to intimidate them, but to convince them to have the Second Sons join forces with her own in hopes to conquer Yunkai. It only worked for one of them, though. Which is how we got introduced to Daario, who swears his loyalty and allegiance to Dany and promising the allegiance of the Second Sons to her as well.

At this point, I'm just waiting for Dany to devise her plan on conquering Yunkai, when the battle actually occurs, and for the moment when all the freed slaves cry out, "Mhysa!" to her.

Other things:

** One Lannister wedding down, one more to go. But poor Sansa, the girl is literally trapped now. She is not only married to a Lannister, she continues to be taunted by Joffrey, with him threatening to rape her was any further indication that he's a vile little shit. But she soldiers on despite that, remembering Margaery's previous words to her about having to make the best out of the situation, even if she despises everything that is happening.

** On that note, I liked that Shae, after seeing that Tyrion did not sleep with Sansa, looked incredibly relieved and seemingly forgiving. Not necessarily of the situation, but of his refusal of bedding a fourteen year old girl.

** CERSEI BRINGING THE TYPICAL COMEDY GOLD, LOL. Also Tyrion being hilariously drunk, and also laying the smackdown on Joffrey. That was great.

** Loved the little moment between Dany and Missandei. Although they sort of repeated a scene previously done from S1 between Dany and Irri, with the pronunciation of the same Dothraki word that Dany was having trouble with? It's sort of like saying the show is either a.) recognizing that they fucked up for killing off Irri's character (because that does not happen in the books) and are revisiting this for nostalgia, or b.) they are ignoring that Dany ever had handmaidens altogether. Considering that she had to have a refresher of her Dothraki pronunciation, never mind that she still has her Dothraki khalasar with her, I'm confused. Then again, while in the books the Dothraki are a vital aspect of her journey, the show has pushed them to the background.

** Davos learning how to read, and getting excited when he got words right. Awwww.

** LOL @ HBO AND THEIR NEED FOR GRATUITOUSLY UNNECESSARY SEX/NUDE SCENES THO. At least we didn't get horrible torture scenes mixed in with that. Well, there's Gendry with the leeches on his cock (which we don't see, gdi), but that was mild compared to what is happening with Theon.

Basically, this episode for me was all about Daenerys (and her continually growing fanclub who are fiercely protective of her) and the Most Uncomfortable and Awkward Wedding Ever. Next episode will be the RW. LORD HELP US ALL. D:
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