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All the fandom things.

++ Warehouse 13 has been renewed for a fifth season. It will be their final season and only scheduled for six episodes. I'm a mixture of feelings about this because I'm sad that it's going to be the last season because it's been my favorite show on that network and has grown and progressed so much since it premiered. However, at least they're getting six episodes to finish off the series the way that they want to. Hopefully they won't pull a Eureka where Syfy pulls those last six episodes. So, crossing all the fingers that that doesn't happen.

++ Game of Thrones may last for only seven seasons, producers anticipate. It's understandable, considering that they are splitting book three into two seasons, they are going to try to draw out as much as they can, especially since we're still waiting for the sixth installment, The Winds of Winter, to come out. And lord knows how long it will take for the seventh and final installment of the series to be finished. So I think it's sensible to try and predict when the show might make its own endgame.

++ As of right now, there's been no news regarding the fate of Hannibal. Though regardless whether NBC renews it or not, it seems that there are alternative options since other places are interested in picking it up. So that's a good sign, at least.

++ Peter Jackson, cast and crew return to filming pick-ups for The Hobbit: There And Back Again, and particularly for the Battle of the Five Armies. Just reading his little note about it being the last time they'll be revisiting Middle-earth ever via filming makes me sad. Also, this makes me anticipate the vlogs that will be coming soon! Which reminds me, I NEEDS A TRAILER FOR DESOLATION OF SMAUG PLEASE.

++ Pretty Little Liars S4 promo. The show returns June 11th.

++ Official trailer for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

++ Killer Women trailer. I'm hoping that it's good because, well, the trailer isn't exactly its best selling point, imo. For me it's all about Tricia Helfer and Michael Trucco, just having them back together on my screen makes me happy. Also Tricia/gun-handling gives me life.
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