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Pretty Little Liars: "Cat's Cradle" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.03 "Cat's Cradle"

Looking through some of Alison's old stuff, the girls find a face mold of Alison, the same mold they've seen before on masks that "A" uses. Curious, the girls go to investigate who made this face mold and why Alison was there in the first place. Hanna is getting worried about her mom, Spencer and Toby go investigate Radley to figure out what really happened to his mom, Emily gets into trouble and, additionally, adds trouble for her parents, and Aria is attempting to move forward in getting a new relationship while urging her mother to move forward with hers. Also, what is Melissa doing back in Rosewood, and why does she have that forever creepy all-knowing smile whenever she talks to Spencer?

The Parents of Rosewood: Nobody Is Safe

I like this direction where the parents are the ones being targeted. Before it was just the girls and the off-chance that her parents might either be informed of certain secrets or threatened to be placed in some sort of danger. Now, it seems that it's out of their hands as "A" delves deeper into taking them apart one by one, and it's basically because of what has happened in the past that adds more to such a threat now more than ever.

Had it not been for Detective Wilden's constant harassment and confrontation with Ashley Marin, never mind their brief sexual encounter from long ago, there wouldn't have been enough evidence for possible conviction, since she had motive and means to want to get rid of him. Had it not been for the previous hospital visits and pressures Emily had, the concern over her health and well-being wouldn't have been placed a red flag on someone's radar to call family services. These things were helped along with the threats made by "A" during those times, the connection with Wilden especially, but even without such assistance it wouldn't have been hard to compile such evidence against them.

At the moment, the only parents who seem to be safe are Aria's mom and Spencer's parents. It's unclear whether "A" will go after them next, but it's highly possible they will.

So what is "A"s goal with targeting the Liars' parents? Well, why does "A" do anything really? We've already established that the adults have just the same amount of secrets and lies and caught up in tangled messes just as much as the girls have. Whether involved in shady business or doing whatever they can to protect their daughters, they are just as vulnerable to be taken advantage of by "A" as much as the girls are. Of course they are more susceptible to face serious consequences if anything gets found out.

Things I liked in the episode:

++ The mask scene was very creepy, esp after finding out that there was a mask of Melissa's face there as well. But I have to wonder why the girls always seem to get caught up at investigating unknown places at night. Like, do that shit during the day. Also, you know that the mask that dude made of Emily's face is gonna come back to haunt them.

++ Melissa you are extra creepy with your fake smile and concerns. I will say though, Spencer certainly plays it cool when she is talking with her sister. It's just a guessing game of tension now on what will happen next between them, because Melissa is behind many things, and Spencer knows, and possibly Melissa knows that Spencer knows, and they're just dancing around each other now waiting for the first one to strike. It's fascinating, but it makes me really nervous for Spencer.

++ The tension between the girls and their mothers. While for good intentions, it's an interesting dynamic seeing how some of the react to certain situations.

++ Aria and Ella will never not be the best mother-daughter relationship on the show, imo.

++ Caleb returned, yay! Him caring about Hanna and trying to help her and her mom out, awww.

++ Spencer and Toby being an investigator couple. I love everything this chooses to be. Spencer is concerned for him and wants to help him, hasn't mentioned anything about what she's doing with the rest of her friends yet to make sure that they're on the right track and that he's okay. And naturally her investigator skills came into play here because, without it, Toby would have believed that he gave up the van to "A" for nothing. Spencer believes there's more to the story and I can't wait to see how all that unfolds.

Things I didn't like:

++ No Mona. Me sad. :(

Overall: We're getting the setup of what is happening for this season, or at least for the first half of the season, with the parental involvement, and the possible fallout that could happen.
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