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Pretty Little Liars: "Face Time" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.04 "Face Time"

Things tense up as the detectives are hitting closer to the Marin's, and wanting to investigate more of the girls in general and how they're all connected to the mysterious events happening in that town of theirs. This leaves Hanna and her mom on edge, both trying to protect the other. Toby is attempting to find answers about what really happened to his mom the night she supposedly killed herself. Emily is now trying to deal with the misunderstanding that had family services concerned, never mind her parents hounding her for information as to what is going on, which she cannot say for obvious reasons. Spencer confronts her sister about the mask and her connection with everything that's been going on, and gets a startling answer.

Melissa Hastings: Trustworthy or Liar?

The show has always kind of placed Melissa as being somewhat of an antagonist, at least towards Spencer because of their rocky and complicated relationship with each other. We never really had a clear understanding of her motivations, and sometimes it's hard to decipher whether she is telling the truth or covering something up, especially once we learned more of her involvement with things as the show progressed.

So the question is, how truthful was she being to Spencer?

For the most part, I think she was being honest. There is certainly information she is withholding, for the safety of herself and others, but I don't think she is purposefully lying. I mean, what kind of benefits would she gain if she lied now? She was caught red-handed and cornered, so of course she was going to tell at least what Spencer needed to know in order to understand her side. This sorts of places a new light on things from my previous theories on Melissa (and Jenna and Shanna's) involvement in particular events. But again, Melissa didn't reveal anything about her association with them and pleaded for Spencer to let it go, warning her that if it all unravels it will only get worse for everyone. And honestly? I believe her. We all know what "A" is capable of, and we all know that the people who last saw Alison the night she disappeared are winding up dead themselves. It's like a ticking timebomb, and one wrong move and things will explode.

Let's not forget that seasons ago it was implied that Melissa herself was victimized and blackmailed into doing things that she clearly didn't want to do. Perhaps this is part of that truth. But then again, we can't really be sure of anything at this point.

Also, it's interesting how this is the fourth time someone has told Spencer that everything they did was for her, to protect her. First it was Ian, then it was Garrett, then Toby, now it's her sister. I'm not entirely sure what that means, if it means anything at all. Just keep in mind that two of those four who said this are dead.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ The fact that we followed up rather quickly with the mask and confronting Melissa about it, gaining more information, even if it's incredibly vague ones that don't give all the answers it provides something to at least ponder about Melissa and what is going on, at least on her end. Same with Aria confronting the mask maker guy about the mold he made of Emily's face, leading to more info about Alison at the same time.

++ Melissa believes that Alison is alive, too. Fascinating....

++ Oh, and I really liked how Spencer and Aria did their spying on Melissa so they could see her reaction and follow her. That was a very clever trick. Which, of course, is something that Spencer learned from briefly being part of the "A" Team.

++ Again, I hope Jake is the real deal because I really like him. He seems to understand that Aria needs to find things out on her own instead of him being her rebound guy, and his whole metaphor of being hurt versus being injured made a lot of sense. I honestly hope he's actually decent, because I have to believe that not all the people in Rosewood are shady and untrustworthy or have some ulterior motive for things, or being manipulated into doing something for someone else in order to get close to the girls on their behalf.

++ Poor Emily. She has suffered a lot, now she's getting sucker punched once again by everything that has been hitting her family with the family services and her parents questioning things.

Things I didn't like:

++ No Mona again. :( But it seems like she will return in the next episode so, hurray!

Overall: So far, the season is starting off strong. We have real dangers being placed on the girls' families, something that could have severe consequences, which again were kind of setup from the past and are now revealing themselves into the light. Perhaps "A" doesn't really have to do much, since they're already reaping what they've sewn. In the case with Emily, it's just a huge misunderstanding that has been blown out of proportion, which with a little manipulative nudge here and there and the authorities could take proper action against her family. Plus now with the information provided by Melissa, sometimes people don't really have a choice in what they do in order to protect another, which is the same with Hanna and her mom as well, and revealing the entire truth isn't going to help the situation. If anything it's going to make matters worse. So yeah, I'm enjoying where this is going for sure.
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