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WH13: "The Truth Hurts" Finale Review + Season Overview

Let me talk about Warehouse 13 for a moment.

Warehouse 13 started off as this funny, lighthearted dramedy science fiction show where a group of misfit people work together to save the world from potentially dangerous artifacts, where sometimes dramatic things happened but at the end of the day it all worked out and there were happy fun times filled with teasing and quirks and such. But then, around the third season, is when everything changed. The mood and tone shifted, and the fun lighthearted show got more serious. Actions had severe consequences, characters underwent personal traumas, experienced permanent losses, that not even the endless wonders of the Warehouse could fix. It got emotional for viewers as these things were happening as the seasons went on. This is not a bad thing! If anything, I'm highly appreciative, since most shows would decline in quality or creativity as it continues, this little show exceeded my expectations for what it could become. Such a natural progression in a story is a gift, imho.

And the fourth season certainly delivered.

Warehouse 13 4.20 "The Truth Hurts"

I don't blame Pete for wanting to believe that Paracelsus was telling the truth about how to help Myka. He is deeply troubled and worried about his friend's safety and life that he would literally do anything to help her if he could. Paracelsus would have done what he did eventually, but because Pete was there and underneath such obvious distress, and what Paracelsus detected from Myka, it was easier to manipulate and toy with his emotions to get him to believe what he was saying was truthful.

But now not only is Paracelsus immortal, he has the entire Warehouse under his control.

And Claudia, now having to deal with a whole new set of startling revelations, is staying behind to deal with Paracelsus herself. Because after freeing Mrs. Fredrick out from being the official Caretaker, she is now the candidate of being Caretaker and will be battling Paracelsus over that job. This is possibly the biggest testament of faith in the Warehouse that she'll have, because she has been prepping all this time to become the future Caretaker and it will be the ultimate showdown. She believes the Warehouse can, and will, protect her because of this. I hope that she's right. I hope that no matter what Paracelsus believes, the Warehouse is smarter than that and won't allow him to take full control and help Claudia and the others stop him once and for all.

The Fourth Season: An Overview

The title of the finale is an understatement of what this whole season was. It was filled with heartbreaking truths and characters having to deal with harsh realities.

First was with Artie, what he had to do to protect the Warehouse by using the Astrolabe, which a side effect of using such an artifact was that he had a psychotic break and it created a dual personality that was trying to hurt all the people he loved the most, and actually ended up unintentionally killing one of them in the process. He had to deal with the aftermath of that, the immense guilt of it all. Then there was Claudia, after having already dealt with the trauma that was bringing Steve back from the dead, now has another immense responsibility on her shoulders with becoming Caretaker, along with this news about her supposedly dead sister is somehow alive, and is apparently incredibly dangerous. And now Myka, getting the news that she has cancer is the biggest bomb of all to drop this season. Some people think it came out of nowhere, but that's what these kinds of things happen. Such news does come out of nowhere, regardless if there's family history or not. It's unpredictable, and she's been dealing with it along with Pete, who is the only other person she told about her condition.

Emotional trauma doesn't begin to describe what this season has been like.

But this just means that everything that we're dealing with is going to be huge next season, being the final season. It's all gonna be amped up to eleven, with Claudia versus Paracelsus and everyone trying their hardest to find a way to help from the outside.

What I'm looking forward to next season:
++ Claudia owning Paracelsus with the help of the Warehouse.

** News about Myka's cancer and her dealing with it whatever the prognosis may be. In a way I want there to be a solution to it, but I also want it to be realistically done in a way that, despite being in the business of endless wonder, not everything can be fixed by using an artifact. Myka will have to deal like all patients suffering from such a disease (i.e. similar to how Laura Roslin dealt with hers; despite the temporary fix it didn't cure it and it came back and she had to deal with it.)

** More Kelly Hu. I love her addition to the cast and I want more of her involvement with the team.

** Claudia's unknown yet supposedly dangerous sister. They wouldn't just reveal this without there being a significant reason for it.

** Dr. Vanessa to return, and for her and Artie to get back together.

** H.G. Wells to return as well. Although she did temporarily this season, bringing us up-to-date with what's been happening with her since where we left off previous, I want there to be a reunion with her and the Warehouse team, specifically with Myka. I want to see how she takes the news of Myka's cancer. Also? I want there to be an official thing with Myka/Helena being together. Hand-holding, kissing, anything really.

** Just a huge fucking mind-blowing season to finish off this amazing series, tbh. That's all I am asking for.

Overall: Season four was quite an emotional rollarcoaster. Who knew that our little show of happy times could lead down a road of heartache and pain, but in the good way. I say again, I couldn't ask for a better progression of a story.

I still can't believe that the show will be ending after next season, it's certainly sad to think about honestly. But after this finale, I can't think of a better way for the show to go out but with a bang and I think next season will be worthwhile to give us something satisfactory to conclude all these seasons we've had with this fantastic show.
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