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Pretty Little Liars: "Gamma Zeta Die" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.05 "Gamma Zeta Die"

After discovering that the mysterious phone number is linked to a college campus, Spencer takes full advantage of this opportunity to go look at the college itself to find out where the number originated from. She finds something quite startling and even more confusing to what everything surrounding Alison's mysterious "bored/(board?) shorts". Hanna finds hardcore incriminating evidence against her mom and tries to dispose of it, but her attempts backfire as she is found out and arrested.

Alison DiLaurentis: And the mystery continues...

A secret hidden room within the walls of the sorority house, where only a chair, radio and phone are present. There's scratches on the walls to indicate that whoever was inside that hidden room was forever locked away, only outside contact was from Alison. This all sounds very V.C. Andrews-ish. Then again, the entire story surrounding Alison is quite a bizarre yet fascinating mystery it would seem like something out of a twisted novel.

Assuming that this is the real deal and not something "A" constructed to throw the girls for a loop, who could have possibly been in that room? And why was Alison calling them repeatedly? The girls think it's a boy, but what if it's not?

This just adds to the endless pile of questions surrounding Alison's mysterious life.

Hanna Marin: Taking the Bullet

Ever the protective daughter, she would rather risk looking guilty than have anything happen to her mother.

If there's anything I love more about this show, aside from the fierce friendship of the four girls, is how protective their mothers are of them and they try to keep their children out of trouble. Sometimes this means that they would literally do anything from having anything happen to them, including imprisonment. Ashley has done many things in the past to ensure that her daughter was safe and out of trouble, including things that might not be entirely lawful. Due to Detective Wilden continually harassing her daughter, never mind having many confrontations with him herself, it is not implausible that she could have done something to him, including killing him, to prevent any more unwanted harassment. All she wants is her daughter safe and free from anything against her. But this goes both ways, because Hanna cannot stand the idea of her mother having done something and will go out of her way of trying to hide the evidence against her. They are both trying to do the same thing in protecting the other, but unfortunately without talking about it such incidents will lead to what happened to Hanna in this episode. Where she has tried to cover things up, only to get herself caught. And now Ashley will have no choice but to come clean about what happened if only to get Hanna out from being seen as guilty over something she didn't do.

Even if Hanna did end up successfully burying the gun, such an outcome would've been unavoidable. Both she and her mom have been under immense stress and constantly looking over their shoulder, even having nightmares about it, the pot was going to boil over sooner or later.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ SPENCER WITH THE GAME OF THRONES REFERENCES! This pleased me so much, her just presenting all the geekery to Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings and finally Game of Thrones.

++ While they had an argument, I'm glad that Spencer and Emily didn't stay passive aggressive with each other for very long. That's the thing I really love about this show, that even when the girls have fights or arguments with each other it doesn't last more than an episode. They make up rather quickly because they know there's more important things at stake. In this case, they came back together because of Hanna doing The Thing that Spencer tried to convince her not to do. Their little disagreement outside of the sorority house means nothing now that Hanna is in serious trouble.

++ Aria being concerned for her mom, and with good reason because "A" is going after her too. She wants her mom to go to Austria with her boyfriend not only for herself, but for her own safety. It's a selfless act that even if she'll miss her, it's for the best.

++ OH HAY MIKE LONG TIME NO SEE! In like what, how many seasons now?

++ That hidden room was certainly creepy. It has all the elements of V.C. Andrews and Stephen King. I wonder what they can do with that information now, and if they might return there (only to find the room emptier than before) to investigate further or ask questions? Also, what is the significance of the fired House Mother of the sorority? Hmmmm....

Things I didn't like:

++ I didn't like the little fight between Spencer and Emily, but like I said above, I'm happy that it didn't last long. But still, any kind of argument or misunderstanding between the girls, esp ones that seem rather petty when you think about it, makes me sad.

++ Again no Mona, along with no Caleb or Toby. Hopefully next ep?

Overall: Very enjoyable episode. Still getting deeper into the fold of everything, and I'm definitely waiting to see the outcome of the arrest of Hanna and what her mother is willing to sacrifice for her daughter to be free of all charges against her. I'm also curious about what Spencer found in that room, and how significant it all is to the disappearance of their best friend and what happened to her.
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