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VMars: Speculations and Thoughts

Veronica Mars speculations, once again. Since I am pining over this Wednesday's season premiere (*insert fangirl squee here*), thought I'd give another go with thoughts of what I'd like to see this season and more of the speculating of the semi-spoilers I read. Though I am avoiding all the big spoilers, such as who's behind the door and other things like that.

Possibilities for Lilly Kane. Granted her mysterious murder storyline was solved in the finale, but I really liked Lilly, both dead!Lilly and in the flashbacks. I somehow feel that something would be lacking if there weren't any flashbacks every now and again of Veronica and Lilly during their Golden Age times. Actually, I'm hoping that Lilly would at least reappear once in a while to help Veronica out -- be in during hallucinations in her dreams or other flashbacks. Lilly could become Veronica's inner conscience, or something of the like.

Logan Echolls' post-traumatic life. After the events of last season, you'd think Logan would be seeking professional help of some kind; seeing a psychiatrist of all that's happened. He would, of course, have to figure out everything of what his father had done (having an affair and murdering Lilly, right underneath his nose). But there was that cliffhanger with him and Weevil, and Weevil's posse. Was Weevil going to personally attack him after overhearing Veronica's phone call? Would Logan intentionally hurt Weevil or anyone else, depsite the fact that he was semi-drunk? He would do something so stupid, considering he lost Veronica of their "breakup". And seeing from the premiere previews he does indeed live. So I'm actually wondering if Weevil does attack him in some way, or talk him out of doing...whatever Logan was thinking of doing that night.

Though the spoilerish promotional images, him staying with Dick and Beaver? After what's been revealed of them and their intentions, I'd say Logan would be better off staying at Duncan's place (although since Jake pretty much despises Aaron Echolls now, I can understand his decision to stay with them -- not the wisest thing to do, but still).

Veronica's new boyfriend. There's much speculation about this one, because what other 09er does Veronica know besides Duncan and Logan that she can thoroughly trust? Leo does return, considering from the previews, and I am actually wondering if he does live in the 09er zip code. Does she wind up back with Logan? Or possibily Duncan, now knowing that their are definitely not blood-related siblings? I'm still pondering upon this, which will be revealed this Wednesday.

I haven't caught the LOST premiere just yet, but I'm going to watch it sooner or later. Because really, I'm addicted to the show just as I am addicted to VMars. Luckily, there's two television sets with cable for videotaping (and the computer for all my viewing-catching-up needs). Once I do view it, I'll review it. Guaranteed on that.
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