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The first rule of Clone Club...

++ Jordan Gavaris, who plays Felix on Orphan Black, talked about the feedback he's received on queer representation, and his overall answer to some of the criticisms is absolutely remarkable. In case you aren't watching the show already, I think this is a great way of being introduced to how the actors approach not only their characters but these kinds of topics that are brought up regarding their characters.

++ But on the downside, Tatiana Maslany wasn't nominated for an Emmy. I know it's said with every award show that snubs an actor or show, but when you factor in how incredibly talented she is, especially since she's, you know, playing multiple different characters on her own show, all with different personalities and accents and just everything, she was certainly fucking robbed as far as I'm concerned. At least she did win something previously and that the show got recognized at the Critic's Choice Television Awards, so it's not a total loss.

++ An upside to that though, Emilia Clarke was nominated! Of course we all know why she was chosen. That scene alone deserves all the awards, imho. Still not over it, and probably never will be. ♥
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