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Pretty Little Liars: "Crash and Burn, Girl!" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.07 "Crash and Burn, Girl!"

Things are looking worse for Ashley Marin as the case is building up against her, leaving a very emotionally distraught Hanna behind to wonder how to get her mom back to her. Caleb and Toby work together to figure out what happened the night of the fire and who really was behind it. Spencer, Emily and Aria sneak into Wilden's apartment to try and see if there's anything they missed so they can prove that Ashley not guilty in his murder. But because of this, Emily's mom gets in trouble for losing the key evidence (literally) and she gets suspended, and "A" has a surprise for both her and Emily...

Lies and Consequences: Shit Just Got Real

The main difference so far this season as compared to the previous seasons is how severe the consequences have been. This isn't just someone who is sending the girls anonymous messages and trying to get them to out their secrets, this someone has an agenda on making sure the girls are permanently miserable. If not directly, then by affecting everyone else in their lives. It really makes you think back to the first season, and how that seems like child's play in comparison to what is happening to them now. From being framed for murder to being framed for vandalism to actually having serious vandalism happening to one of the girls -- "A" has a serious vendetta and is wasting no time in executing it. And just when the girls think they're in the clear, or that they're taking a step forward, they fall several steps behind and actually make the situation even worse.

Now there's speculation about Cece being involved based on the information given by the guy who apparently flew the plane the night of the fire. In my opinion, Cece isn't Red Coat and isn't doing all of this to the girls. She may, however, been involved with Wilden's murder and, like Spencer said, is covering her tracks.

This just leaves us with more questions than answers about what happened that night, who Red Coat is, and who that pilot guy was talking to that we didn't see.

What I liked about the episode:

++ Emily and Spencer. ♥ They made up, and it makes me happy. I mean, Emily still thinks that Spencer could have (and should have) told them earlier, but at the same time I think she understands the level of secrecy. Both of them feel bad for how things went down last episode, and right now they're more focused on what is currently happening with Hanna and have made up. That, right there, is something I highly appreciate. Again, they understand that there's more important things to worry about and they turn their energy to that than at each other. And they definitely need one another now more than ever.

++ Caleb and Toby being investigative bros. :')

++ In fact, the thing that made me love this episode instantly was seeing the kind of characters that teamed up with each other. The girls are a given, obviously, but having Caleb and Toby together teaming up (and even Toby suggesting that Caleb could stay with him if he wanted to) just made me smile. Idk, I always wanted more of them kind of having their own brotp going on along with the girls. And the little cute scene with Caleb and Spencer just made me smile.

++ The scenes with Hanna and her mom broke my heart, especially when she's trying to comfort her mom by talking about something normal, making plans and such, even though she knows it's just a temporary delay of the reality before them. Just seeing Hanna this devastated and helpless just broke me in general. :( Poor thing.

++ I'm actually surprised that Mike didn't smash up that dude's car, it seemed like something he would have done to protect his sister. But I guess it's a good thing he wasn't involved, even though he was being setup to look guilty of it.

++ lol @ Aria going on and on about Wilden's porn stash. Though to be fair, it is justified to be grossed out after discovering the detective who was constantly harassing you being obsessed with endless pornographic movies, even if he was skeevy and shady to begin with.

++ Am I the only one who thought that, had Emily gone with the scheduled injection appointment, that "A" would have tampered with it somehow? It would seem like such an "A" thing to do, to make her even worse than she already is, similar to what happened after she was placed in the hospital seasons ago.

++ The girls being smart to use gloves while searching Wilden's apartment. This seems like such a little thing to some people, but after seeing so many crime shows it's kind of, you know, significant especially when the police are involved to not leave any fingerprints of evidence that you were tampering with a potential crime scene or anything linking to a crime. The girls haven't always been careful in that department, so I'm glad that they took extra precautions this time.

++ "A" purposefully having a car crash through Emily's house was a shocking thing, because that's such a bold move to make.

Overall: This was quite an emotional episode, and rightfully so. Hanna in particular is going through a personal turmoil as she's realizing the hard reality of what is happening with her mom, and the possibility that she may never see her again. It's a never-ending cycle now for the girls to try and make sure "A" doesn't get to their loved ones, since that seems to be their main target. Plus with the investigating of what Wilden knew and of what happened the night of the fire, it really makes you anxious about what is gonna happen next.
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